Emergency Room Smile

So there I was …

In an emergency room,

Once again.


Not really.


The x-ray tech rolls her portable x-ray machine into my station …

And starts to set things up to take my x-ray.

She puts the plate-thingie on the bed,

Positions my hand for the first picture desired on top of said plate thingie,

Picks up the remote activation device that will execute the x-ray taking process,

And starts walking out the door to protect herself from the x-ray diation,

(Always a bit unnerving when you are the one left right next to the x-ray device),

Then just as she’s exiting the room,

She stops, turns to me, and says,

Is there any chance you are pregnant?


Are you sure? Any chance at all?

No. I’m certain.

You know,

After all this time,

That type of interaction continues to give me an inner smile.

To think …

She must believe I’m still young enough to get knocked up ! 😉

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  1. Obviously that should read “CONVERSATIONS” not conversions.
    I dont know though. Conversions fit somehow.

  2. Well. So pleased you managed to get that post in just before your 3 year anniversary of NO WORDAGE. 3 years Ames. I always felt you would come back to me though.
    If i waited long enough for ya.
    I’m liking the post and have had similar conversions at hospitals this side of the pond.
    In my case it may be statutory questioning but it still makes you feel warm inside.
    Please dont make me wait 3 years for the next post Ames.
    I need to know the “CHICK FIGHT” saga.
    Love Yas

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