I totally dig the State of Colorado.

It is worthy.

Likewise, I absolutely love the City of Denver.

Very Book.

However, when it comes to the Denver International Airport (DEN) …

I am so not a fan.

It’s not the people there that have caused my disdain,

They are always pleasant as one could be in such an environment.

Likewise, it’s not the John Holmes, phreakishly long lines at the security checkpoint.


Annoying, yes, but they move faster than one would expect.

(Tip – if you are flying Frontier out of A Terminal, take the Bridge to A, the wait for security there is not bad at all.)

It’s not even the irksome flight schedules one has to deal with when flying home on a west to east trajectory which require you to be at DEN for an early flight shortly after the bars close the previous day,

Or for the late flight,

A few minutes before midnight the next day.

Heck, one would think I would love DEN because of the whole alien conspiracy story thing it has going,

Not to mention the civic pride I have because it was my hometown peeps that were brought in to solve their original baggage delivery system dork-up when the airport was first built.

Yay Hometown.

I do concede,

A little bit of my issue with DEN is because I think associating it with Denver is a bit misleading considering it was built so far from Denver that it is actually in Utah.

Seriously. πŸ™‚

Though I do suspect the real source for the sore spot I have for DEN is because of the fake Rocky Mountain snow tops positioned above the terminal,

And parking lots,

And exit gates,

Right behind Blucifer.

For some reason,

Whenever I see them …

I get annoyed.

It might be because when I do see them …

The first thing I think of is …

Circus tent.

Which does not inspire aviation confidence in one,

At least not in this one.


I know.



I mention this because …

The gods of Irony still do like to amuse themselves with the comings and goings in my life,

As I have spent more time in DEN waiting for flights,

ThanΒ  I have in every other airport of the world …


Amy In Her Usual Killing time Spot At DEN

Amy In Her Usual Killing time Spot At DEN

And soon,

I will once again be spending a bunch of time in DEN,

Waiting for the late flight which leaves a few minutes before midnight the next day,


My friend TroopLeader and I are meeting up at DEN,

Tripping to Estes Park, Colorado,

And going ghost hunting at The Stanley Hotel.

Yikes !!!

(I’m a complete wimp when it comes to such things, so I’m betting that I will end up spending every night sleeping in the rental car,Β too scared to stay in any of the rooms there.)

Though considering I’m going to be spending upwards of a day again at DEN in the near future,

At leastΒ will be getting some love.

69 thoughts on “AMY @ DEN”

  1. If she’s been working on it for this long, one has to wonder… Is Amy’s next post going to be available on Kindle? I’m not sure I can sit in front of my computer for long enough to read something that took this long to write!! πŸ˜‰
    Have a nice turkey day Amy πŸ™‚

    • Congratulations Meg!! Sometimes it’s nice to be first πŸ˜‰
      Just over a month to go now!! πŸ™‚ Hope you’re well Amy.

  2. And to think, you were in my hometown at some point. Again. I knew I should have had the missile launchers on standby recently.

  3. Six month mark! Only six more to go πŸ™‚
    Coincidentally my name change came through today!!
    Very pleased…
    Hope you’re well πŸ™‚

  4. Help me Amy-wan
    When I try to read the “comments” they almost disappear to micro writing that I just can’t see.
    Is it my computer? Is it a programme thingy? Is it your end?.
    Amy I needs my fix.
    You gotta do something.


    • Hey girl … seems to be fine on my end. I checked it in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Explorer (latest versions of each).

      If it doesn’t clear up, send me an e-mail and we’ll figure it out. If anyone else is having problems, please let me know. I did do some css tinkering yesterday morning, so I might be to blame ! πŸ™‚

  5. I like the title of your imminent post! Sounds fun, Thank you for the Birthday wishes… I sleepy today!
    Hope you’re doing well πŸ™‚

    • Hey lady ! Still working on the birthday post. Might be pushing the limits of time zones in order to make it on your birthday. πŸ™‚ One will be posted by St. Patrick’s day AM though … title of the first one is “FAQ #8 – The High School Reunion Question”.

  6. holy freeholy!

    turn my back for like a minu…. day…. ok ok a month! (normally that’s safe!) and Amynews changes completely! I’m stuned! looks good, very ah… modernish.

    Hope all’s well with you

  7. Definitely an update planned imminently, I have been busting my butt to try and give ya’ll what I hope will be a nice holiday treat. Actually Amymas is April 22, and I would like to think it’s an international holiday ! *snicker* πŸ™‚

  8. Any chance of like an end of year highlight reel or something? Hope you got a break for Amymas. Is that a recognized holiday nationally or is it just local. πŸ˜‰

  9. A local DEN friend clued me in on how to avoid the freakishly long cattle line through security….if you go upstairs where the restaurants are, there is another security entrance with far fewer occupants.

    Good to see your annual post! =)

  10. Amy
    I absolutely love the “lowlights” and I thank you very much for the “heads-up on DEN but Amy: Look at me Concentrate
    Thank You.
    Remember what you said.
    I just can’t wait another year.

  11. It’s funny, I always figured the original pic was taken waiting outside a court room, an airport never occurred to me.
    Also that should be throws. It’s a good thing I come from a country of convicts and such, or my ability to spell and punctuate (or lack there of) might matter πŸ˜‰

  12. I am so proud of you that you didn’t have to sleep in the rental car! We only had to sleep with the light on. HA! SO much fun this past weekend. Must do it again soon. It’s not everyday that we get to flirt with and get hit on by ghosts (Lord Dunraven in particular).

  13. Yay! postage πŸ™‚ Glad you’re doing ok…
    That’s a serioulsy disturbing horse! That photo makes the whole place look like an evil version of Cirque du Soliel!!

  14. I would have thought being a Jedi, you could sense the location of unused outlets and wouldn’t need to “know” where they are ;)… WTH! this throughs my whole understanding of being a Jedi out the window!… (good to hear from you)

  15. I know ! Considering I will be spending another 12 hours there in the near future, I will blow away the deadline !

    Yeah, wasn’t that phreaky? I have lowlights in my hair now, and had a backpack on my suitcase instead of a briefbag, but other than that … pretty similar.

    The key is knowing the location of an outlet that no one else uses so you can recharge your electrotoys !


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