Conversation Repeats In A Bar

So I was at the bar,

Hanging with peeps retro,

When I decided to break from the collective.

And take up residence on a stool.

Your friend there,” some guy sitting next to me said, “What’s his deal?

Pardon?” I replied. I knew he was talking to me, but was not sure to whom he was referring.

Your friend there,” He resumed, nodding his head in the direction of the group I had just left, his eyes focused on one girl in particular.

Huh?” I answered, stuck in a one word rut.

It’s cool. No big deal. I’ve seen him before. I know. What’s his deal though? Does he look like that all the time?”

You have to be phreaking kidding me !!!

Ummmm,” I used as a one word-like substitute as I grasped aimslessly for a response.

He’s good. Most people have no idea.

Ummmm,” I used again. One word capabilities were all I had at this point.

He then proceeded to share the visual and auditory kues which his astuteness had noted enabling him to draw his erroneous klocking conclusion.

Wow,” I started.

Come on, you can do it. A sentence, combine words to form a sentence !!!

Tell me about it,” He interjected. Interrupting me before I was able to complete my syntaxtical goal. “Phucks with your mind. He’s hot. Tell me, is he all girl now? You know what I mean.

Fast Forward 9 years to this past weekend.

Your friend there, what’s his deal?” was the query posed.

Though this time,

The ‘his’ being Function called was …

Not being said to Me 1.0 about another,

But about Me 2.0 to another.



So tasty good ! πŸ™‚

Though deliberate misapplication of pronoun gender …

So not kewl.

Accidental misapplication isn’t bothersome in the least,

I can still screw that up.

But when it’s done with intent,

And you can always tell,



Check out this twist to the irony …

The events recited …

Despite occuring almost a decade seperate,

Took place in the same bar establishment,

Nicely seasoning the more recent incident with a pleasant tinge of surrealism.

Kurse you gods of irony …

And your Amy-like sense of humor ! πŸ™‚

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  1. Amy hi! i am home sick i am on antibiotics does anyone here think that is a career breaker as i just started this new job only 2 weeks ago and am still under the 90 day trial time…. i think so oh well job hunting again! So Amy did you dress for halloween? please not a jedi again??? so fill me in? everyone have a nice weekend!!!!! HUGS!!

  2. Hi everyone sorry i have not been around but working 3rd shift and battleing a bad cold so i see nothing is new except a few Amy pics with suprer heros!! Amy what did you go as? i can not see your costume? me i feel asleep on couch with my pup and was out till a little while ago ..i am so sick of this job please someone get me a winning lottery ticket???please!!!!

  3. Ladies … ladies … ladies ! Of course I read things here … daily. It’s sorta weird being a lurker at my own site !!! πŸ˜‰ And you know darn well I’ll have more posts … I’m sick to death of seeing Conversation Repeats popping up !!! Time to move it down the list ! πŸ™‚

  4. Eileen,Amy told me she reads it everyday!!! you may not know but she is here….kinda spooky if you ask me….. and thanks Eileen i am hanging in there but i am in so much pain from all the lifting and my muscles are not what they were and i am 20 years older…. we won’t mention the age thing tho Good Luck with your job!!! and if anyone is hiring for a tgirl and her pup i will move for a day job!!!! Hugs!

  5. Hang in there Jenny, You’ll get used to it soon enough… I’m just about to switch jobs as well… similar setting I think.

    Think Amy looks at this blog anymore?

    Hugs to Jelly πŸ™‚

  6. Hey everyone job is ok but even more important is Jellybean has had no problems she just goes on my bed and falls asleep till i get in around 5:30 am !!!! job could be better tho….seeya!

  7. Thank you Yodette! i just worry about everything and everyone…. but my pup has never had to sleep alone i hope she doesn’t whine or make noise to wake my neighbors I don’t think she will but …. its tonight! this is so weird for over 20 years i have been in an office and now i am in a warehouse again like when i was in high school ..and all the guys they hired who are starting with me are so huge i felt like a midget around them and i am 5-10 and now on hormones so it made for some strange sensations sitting in that office last friday ! all guys and one girl….. it definately is a different world!

  8. 5 months and it feels like yesterday !!!!! aaahhh well i did notice it was a wee bit colder here this am! I start my new job next monday at 10:30 pm !!! wish me luck? its 11pm to 5 am and yes poor Jellybean will be all alone waiting for me to come home to bed….so think good thoughts for her. We did get to see some new pics of Amy and she looks nice! so we know she is still around maybe with the cold she will stay home and write??? we could all wish for heavy snow up there??? heheh and none here in Rhode Island ok? and not too cold ???

  9. Thanks! Eileen i start next monday and i sign all my paperwork this friday wish me luck? Jelly and i need a paycheck its been a hard year… thank you so much for asking ! as for J.C. thanks for making it to 200!!!! and Yodette time is relative!

  10. Amy I am not sure but i think i am the only one who is visiting your site anymore…. seems like i bored everyone to death …sorry

  11. Under the “stalking Amy” section doesn’t it seem that Amy gets carded a lot???? or is that thing not working??? if it is working i want Dr.Z to set me up!!!!!

  12. Yodette thats when all you see is black and usually your lieing down… you can simulate it if you would like to try i can instruct you? first close your eyes second lie down ….if you did it ok your asleep as you probably hit your head as you fell from not looking around you…remember you closed your eyes…heheheheh i am so evil…..

  13. Amy did you watch it? i have it on dvd if you didn’t but don’t tell me the end as i fell asleep with my pup …I will watch it today!

  14. Amy your welcome!!!enjoy!!! sci-fi had a marathon on today of season 2 episodes, it was good to catch up by the way Jellybean is in my lap and she says hi!

  15. So i guess one of two things …either no one has a tv or no one feels like chatting …Oh well .Yodette I like the cartoon ! All you sci-fi fans Eureka season finale is on tonight! And hey did anyone go tscc? maybe some pics? I would have loved to go but …finances being what they are so spill ..did anyone go how was it? etc…

  16. Did anyone catch Oprah today ? Dr Bowers was on it! she looked great!! and the show was very good!! they had a mtf and a ftm and they were 21 and 16 years old and the show was really done well …

  17. Becky i think they did it to save air time ,they did not want to have to explain her as they were thinking everyone knows what a transgender is and they did not want to take away from the overall plot of the show to explain it so they did that kinda like yse she is tg no big problem .. and the story continues …. but it was stupid as her voice is beautiful i have heard it on you tube she can sing!!!

  18. I read today that the producers of “Dirty Sexy Money” digitally altered Candis’ voice in the opening scene to make it lower, so that the audience would clock her right away. During filming, Candis refused to do it herself, so the producers did the digital deed afterward. What a bunch of crap.

  19. Hard to keep a blog alive for more than a few years, isn’t it?

    By nature are personal blogs ephemeral? Amy’s field correspondents have by and large gone the way of all blogs, vanished or moribund. The last cartoon in Venus Envy was more than two months ago. Of the two remaining, the last personal blog entry was last April.

  20. Did anyone watch Dirty Sexy Money? I did and thought it was pretty good! Usuallly I watch sci -fi but I liked it and Candis was beautiful !! maybe next time we will see more of her??

  21. Amyvised I like it can i use it? Jennyvised…. sounds nice!!! Amy why did you move? new house ? new apt? closer to work? closer to bar? hahahah sorry i had to .. yes i am shallow and thirsty I can’t wait for Jan when you come for a visit!!

  22. I hate moving. At this point in my life I hire professional movers to pack and move my stuff. Yes, it’s expensive, but they don’t break my stuff and I don’t hurt my back writing a check.

  23. Thanks !!! Though moving sucks … way too much work. Thank gawd for my Mom, Dad and Baby Brother. They did all the work for me … I just Amyvised. πŸ™‚

  24. THATS tonight!!! wednesday..and happy new digs Amy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. The show”Dirty Sexy Money will have a recurring tg role played by Candis Cayne (a real transgender) playing Carmelita The show is on abc at 10pm !!!!!!

  26. Girl … of course I don’t mind !!! Feel free to post such thangs … I appreciate it. πŸ™‚

    I finally got into my new digs and my internet connectioooon is working as of about 45 minutes ago !!! Thank gawd !!! πŸ™‚

  27. Sorry girls but i thought I’d throw and ad in here FRIDAY ON OPRAH!! “Born in the wrong body” check it out! I hope this is ok Amy? please let me know …

  28. Amy Did you get my message in time? last night i called on Family Guy they did it as Star Wars…………. it was fantastic!!!! I am sorry tho i did not get to record it as i did not know it was on till it was almost half over…. I hope you saw it?

  29. Eileen its in a week and a half maybe 2 weeks they have to get my drug test back funny i did not know any of the drugs that guy tried to sell me….. last time i took this test it was a lot different???? hahahahah Eileen i will let you know and we can have an internet party here at Amy’s site ok? take care !!!!!

  30. Thank you !! Amy and Eileen i will be working for a transportation company here in New England its not banking which was my chosen profession for 20 years but it will put bones in Jellybean’s bowl and keep a roof over our heads! besides my hair is too long for banking and what about those pierced ears… what would my boss say now???

  31. Amy are you carpeting your house????? when your done there will you come do mine? hey i got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wish me luck?

  32. Hey everyone, Don’t forget to call your House Representative today if you support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. It’s HR 2015 and the number for the House Operator is 202-224-3121. Just give them your Zip code and they will transfer the call. This is all gotten from…

    Hope SCC was fun AMY πŸ™‚ You should tell us about it some time!

  33. Becky ,Amy is an incredibly energenic person !!! It was a pleasure for me to meet her and she is so nice and kind !!! I do not want this to sound to corny but i like her!!! I am glad you met her and had fun at SCC i hope Amy did too… Hey Amy did you have a beer for me? I can’t wait to hear all about scc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. The upcomming Amyness calender is really depressing …. all i see on it is cold and dark …. i hate fall and winter…. so stupid for a girl who lives in New England ….

  35. Ouch again Amy. What’s going on up there in Ann Arbor? I know this is supposed to be Carr’s last year, but maybe he needs to take early retirement and put himself out of his misery. Now remember, you can always cheer for Michigan State!

  36. In three days it will be 4 months since the last Amypost. Will she beat the mark? Is she aiming for biannual postage?

  37. so if 138 was actually 139 this would be 140 right? or was 138 was really 138 then this would be 139 correct? and thats the end of another boring entry by Jenny! Amy hurry up before i loose all your readers……

  38. Don’t you just hate it when you spend ages typing up something and it just vanishes into cyberspace after you press enter and it can’t be found anywhere? Lost forever!

    Oh well! Anyway,
    Hi all.
    I’ll be travelling to the States to see Dr Zukowski (18 Sep to 3 Oct (surgery date 20 Sep)) so that I can have a nice slim waist like Amy’s and was wondering if anybody will be in the area (as in Chigago’ish, I suppose) and fancies keeping me company or just a visit as I’ll be travelling alone.

    This probably isn’t the right place to write this but in a way it does seem apt. I’d never even heard of Dr Z until I started reding Amy’s site a few years ago, hence it seeming apt.

    There we go.
    Take care all,

  39. I just had an idea!!! no not my first one…and no it didn’t hurt …. and yes it’s probably stupid but… I think we should set this Amy entry up with 200 comments…we should break our own record!!!! is anyone with me???

  40. Yodette I hope its just the team . My rumpus is very sore from the kicking its recieved this year … Hey everyone have a nice Labor Day Weekend!!!! Hugs !!!!!!!!!!!

  41. My guess is Amy’s “not in a good place” meant she was feeling bummed about her team losing the way it did, not life in general is kicking her rumpus room.

  42. football,basketball …its all the same to me … and pro vs college?? isn’t there more interesting things to talk about??? oh well i guess some girls are just stuck on sports !! enjoy !!!! and as for Amy are you ok? ” not in a good place” are you ok or is it the sports ?

  43. I suppose I hate Spurrier so much because when he was at Florida, he always beat up on Kentucky and seemed to relish what he was doing. I loved it when he went to the Redskins and flopped like so many other college coaches do. But yeah, I hear you on adopting another team. I’m an alum of the University of Kentucky and I love them dearly, but I also lived in West Virginia for four years and though I’m back home in Louisville, I still root for the Mountaineer’s at every chance I get.

    Now if only I could get back to West Virginia, the best place I’ve ever lived (not kidding and no W.V jokes anyone) and that’s saying a lot as I’ve lived from Florida to Alaska and a lot of points in between. It will forever hold a special place in my heart and I miss waking up, walking out the front door and seeing nothing but mountains. My front yard was a 1 million acre national forest and my back yard was a ski resort. Sigh!

  44. Hi Kelly!

    I fall under an exemption: I’m a U-M alumna and Michigander who moved to South Carolina 1.5 years ago. So, I get to adopt a team from my current state for any given year the Wolverines suck. And yah Steve Spurrier is the mon at USC, but he is a g-d down here …

  45. That’s funny girls. Steve Spurrier is the coach at S. Carolina but he’s such a jerk, you don’t want him. I do have some advice for you though, you can always become a fan of one of the teams in the SEC, the best conference in football. Just think of all the great teams in there: Florida, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee (Though that damn Rocky Top song does get annoying as hell). Weren’t you born in Tennessee? Even my University of Kentucky Wildcats are expected to be pretty good this year. Hell, we’ve rung up 50 points on one of those Division I-AA teams tonight.

    Of course if you gave up on Michigan, you could no longer claim to be a fan of the school with the coolest fight song. But the thing is, football is really only something that you watch until basketball starts, which is less than two months away (practice anyways).

  46. Yeah … no kidding Kelly. It’s embarrassing, ridiculous and unacceptable … about the only positive thing I can think of is that at least it does show Lloyd Carr is still willing to change … instead of the last game of the season, he decided to chock in the first game of this season ! Phrick !!! Three phreaking losses in a row !!!

    I like that Rebecca ! Who’s coaching SC now ? Where’s Gary Moeller when you need him !?!

  47. Wow I don’t remember screaming about how Lloyd Carr has to be sacked this early in the season before.

    I’m adopting the South Carolina Gamecocks this season. All the girls down here wear these cute short shorts that say “Game” on the front and “Cocks” across the tush. I love it …

  48. They are saying on the net and tv that this is the biggest upset in the history of college football. First time a division I-AA team has ever beaten a ranked Division I team. I guess the focus now becomes beating the Buckeyes.

  49. Cheer up Jen. I hear Amy’s now shooting for a new post twice a year. November isn’t far away… November 11 is closer than May 11, isn’t it?

  50. this one I hope!!!! but…. maybe she went on vacation? does anyone know if she goes on vaca? it is the last week of the official summer …its all down hill from here .next month we’ll be cold and wearing coats and trying to keep warm…. darn New England….bbbbbrbrrrrbrbr

  51. I bet she will post before Columbus day weekend !!! any one want to bet? heheh and remember i am unemployed so bet low….

  52. Nice pictures of the museum & bridge. I noticed they were uploaded today. Are you posting pic and doing a “Where in the world in is Amy” episode (like the Today Show “Where in the world is Matt Lauer?)?!!? I know where you are but what building are you in? Please come back, Amy. We miss you.

  53. Yodette i have come to far to give up i will just delay things a little wish me luck? Amy …”Hi!!” I hope things are well?

  54. There are exceptions, but the general rule is the gender variant are the first to fire and the last to hire. Amy did well to maintain her position in her profession. Never underestimate the importance of putting food on the table. Unemployment and work related problems cause many to crash and burn.

  55. Amy i am sorry life is kicking butt too! its happening here as well i just post so much because i was fired on valentines day and well finding new work is very hard …i might have to get my hair cut and macho up and try again…but my thoughts are with you good luck! and i hope to see your posts soon! big hugs from me and Jellybean!!!!!

  56. Well, I’m looking forward to being inundated! Sorry to hear real life has been kicking your butt, I hope you are returning the favor. πŸ˜‰

  57. I haven’t moved on … real life has just been kicking my butt lately … as far as I can tell, I have two days to beat Yodette’s prediction I only post quarterly now … and honestly, once I get going on posting again, I truly expect you’ll soon get sick of being inundated with my ramblings. Thanks for the good luck though … I totally could use it this week !!! πŸ™‚

  58. Sorry to be the one to make the suggestion, but maybe Amy has (or should) retire this blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading Amy’s musings, as well as the comments, but I’m afraid that she’d rather be doing something else and whether we admit it or not, the blog is really for Amy. I think that she’s moved on and that’s probably a good thing for her. Good luck and God bless.

  59. well at least we got new pics…. but no words of wisdom ..Amy must be having a nice summer? or she is on vacation somewhere? maybe we could get her to write by offering her a coors light? maybe 2?? kinda like scooby snacks? oh well …..

  60. I have faith in Amy …but i would not bet, money is already tight…. and Jellybean needs bones!!! but i am hoping i will be surprised!!!

  61. C!!! Great to see you’re alive! Hope you are well and life is treating you kindly. I fondly remember that last meal we had at the little place with the charcoal brazer in the middle of the table. YUM!

    Drop me a line at the old yodette email address if you have time.

  62. thanks for all the !!!!!!!!!!!!!! marks!!!! 8)

    i’ve been on the down low and the low down and around the block (well, not really) and in the… um, let’s just say i’ve been out of touch for a while, and happily so (although i do genuinely miss the wittiness around here!).

    so i thought i’d pop-up briefly for nostalgia’s sake. πŸ™‚

    coach rocks. especially with matching wallet. πŸ˜‰ love your oversized sunglasses (i have a pair too). blurry picture from the bowling alley – classic. getting drunk from beer in a plastic cup – priceless. πŸ˜›

    ‘k, back to the flipside… peace!


  63. Oh My Phreaking Gawd !!! C !!!!!!!! So good to hear from you !!! I was just asking ‘Kenna the other day if she’d heard how you were doing !!! Thanks for saying Hola !!! πŸ™‚

    HashCash is a program that Yodette hooked me up with to help combat the comment spams I receive … which since I have installed it number in excess of 62,000. Darn spam boogers !!!

    Gotta love a Coach, huh C ? πŸ™‚

  64. wow, still going strong… just stopped by to say hi and also to say that i’m doing quite well these days (in case you might actually have been wondering). glad to see you’re doing so well!


    ps – hi yodette! my bag reminds me of you everyday!

    pps – (i feel like this should have been sent via postcard, but where’s the instant gratification in that, y’know?)

    ppps – what the hell is wp-hashcash? is it some newfangled doodad you crazy kids have come up with to dumbfound people like me? (or translated, this is the second time i’m trying to post this because some crazy thing on your website didn’t like it the first time i tried)

  65. Hmmm, Groundhod seems to be upon us!
    I’ve been away a while and now I’m back but the world has either stood still or I’ve gone back in time?
    We’re still on May 11th’s post!
    What’s the score Amy? No pressure, just give us your lame excuses bit by bit, lol.
    Did the dog eat the keyboard?


  66. 77 entries!!!! wow the same year Star Wars came out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh frak…now there is 78….

  67. Well!!! everyone i was watching tv the other day and learned of an expedition to Wisconsin to find bigfoot ,so i emailed them that if they had no luck with that ,that they could look for Amy .I just got an update from them and while bigfoot is as elusive as ever there have been several reliable Amy sightings and they are giving up on bigfoot to now search for ” THE AMY ” as they put it so there is hope yet that we will hear from her or maybe see her!!!!!! so send your donations to me @……hehehehe

  68. Scully ,well someone has to try to keep the Legend of Amywan going !!!! sorry i’ve been away but i am back now so again has amyone seen Amy?????

  69. Yodette, your thought for the day reminds me of the zen of the Road Runner.

    Wyle E. Coyote (placard): “I wouldn’t mind, except he violates the law of physics!”

    Road Runner (placard): “That’s OK. I never studied law.”

  70. Thought for the day: “Anything is possible if you don’t know what you are talking about.” (The Law of Logical Argument)

  71. What will its take? The fullness of time … or the need to dither over a decision. ‘Tis the way of the Amy.

  72. Yodette you are infinetly wise…. no wonder ,Cloning Amy would be a mistake there is one to many war currently going on so as i have learned no clone,no guilting her…just what will its take to get her to write??? my next plan will be for a coupon for sliders…she does mention them favorably .Yodette what do you think of this plan? and does she like chees on them??? heheheheh

  73. To bowdlerize Willie, A clone by any other name would post as rarely. Every two or three months they’d post a spat of identical bloggage and argue over whose was the original. We don’t want another Clone War do we?

  74. well i tried…heheh sneaky huh? maybe we should bring Amy to the town of Eureka and have them clone her that way we can always get updates!!!!! what do you thing …lets discuss this amongst ourselves and then discuss as a group and see what ideas we can come up with! and who was that odd post from????

  75. Of course I read daily … I’m just irked at the darn editor for not getting anything posted lately … oh wait, that’d be me. Scratch that ! πŸ™‚

  76. Yodette that was not a tumbleweed it was me i fell out of my chair ….hey where is Amy??? i have been waiting for her newest entry and fell asleep here….. she must be out having fun in the sun know she’s a pretty girl ,summer bbq’s and all that ….. she probably forgot about us … but probably still looking for her sabre..hheheheh

  77. OK!!! get it out of my head now ….. darn song if its not that one its American pie…… quick Amy please write a new entry the song is taking over…..heheheh

  78. Shakespear’s tomorrow? As in:

    “… Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow,
    Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
    To the last syllable of recorded time;
    And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
    The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
    Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
    And then is heard no more.”

  79. Amy said tomorrow but did not indicate which tomorrow so i think she is still safe???? kinda,sorta,maybe,…don’t ya think??? ok so i will go sit in the corner now and be quiet…..

  80. June 13 Amy wrote “I will post the current No. 2 drunk Amy story tomorrow night….”

    Lucy pulls the football.

    Whoosh goes Charlie Brown.

  81. Misplaced your lightsaber, you have?

    Repeat after me.

    This is my lighsaber.
    This is my gun.

    The ‘saber’s for wet work.
    The other’s to blast someone.

  82. Maaahster knows what she’s talking about … sorry Jenny, I’m just swamped at work right now. I will post the current No. 2 drunk Amy story tomorrow night though in an attempt to make up for my kurrent lack of life.In the meantime, has anyone seen my lightsaber?

  83. Personally do not take my padwan’s silence. Too busy for her audience Jedi Amy is.

    So many blogs. So little postage.

  84. holy roman empire..hhhmmm ok holy =donut hole, roman=walking around,empire=the guy everyone hates at a baseball game …seems very simple to me the guy is walking around eating donut holes….. all this and not a blonde hair in sight!!!!!! hehehehehe anyone else?

  85. Tomorrow it will be one month since Amy’s last post. So many Amyblogs. So little postage.

    I know. Here’s a topic. The Holy Roman Empire was not holy, Roman or an empire. Discuss.

  86. It’s been quite sometime Amy….and gosh I wish I had such experiences such as that besides being harressed(sp) day in and day out…..god bless u and thanks for continueing to provide insight into something that the majority have no clue whatsoever!

  87. Hi Jenny, hi Yodette, hi Amy,

    I just took an offramp here to see what was up. I’m trying to move out the last of my stuff from the house in a freaking tropical storm! Yay!!! I hope Be All is all it is meant to be, I’m just going to be all wet.

    BTW, I am making reservations for Southern Comfort Conference, so heads up to anyone heading to Atlanta! Let me know if you have an inclination to experience some southern hospitality.

  88. YODETTE!!!!! ok you got me … its my initials…so does that mean its mine??? this law stuff doesn’t go over well here in RI…. besides i may just be using and old jedi mind trick! i am known for those….. just ask Amy ! Am i right Amy???? then i nod my head and move my fingers in a mysterious way and Amy answers! (see below)

  89. Your towel? Does the phrase “possession is nine points of the law” ring a bell?

    “Read the monogram.”

    “That’s not a monogram. You wrote your initials on it with a felt tip pen!”

  90. Amy is that my towel????? Yodette said you borrowed mine? its ok tho cause I’m not travelling,just home here with my Jelly. have fun fill us in and take some pics!!!! say hi to Helen Boyd from me and Jelly and if Jenny Boylan is there her also ok? and most of all HAVE FUN!!!! and enjoy a beer !! or 6 hehehehehe

  91. Hey Jenny … Sworry for the silence on my end, krazy week … was supposed to be in Chicago today for Be-All, but still not there, planning on arriving tomorrow though … speaking of sleep though, I’m going to finally get some sleep right now and catch a few winks. Using my towel as a pillow … never travel without your towel !!! πŸ™‚

  92. Not again!!!!!!! didn’t we already do this? it sounds familiar…. oh well long and thanks for all the fish!!!! all together now!!!!

  93. Don’t Panic!

    Amy barrowed it because the Vogons are coming. Something about a hyperspace bypass.

  94. Wow, Idol was a solid 5 out of 6. Too bad Blake couldn’t get his chops around that last song (from a song-writing contest??), but what a contrast when Jordin sang the same song. I gotta agree with Simon, best single performance was Blake, but the best vocalist was Jordin, and it IS a singing competition. I wanted to vote for Blake, but I voted for Jordin. Jordin floored it. Sorry Blake!!

  95. if i was close i’d help you move!!! as for beall!!! lets all keep in touch maybe we can get a roving reporter?? is Amy going? she can update us!! on whats going on take some pics etc.. is anyone going??? scc well that depends on 2 things 1 a job!! 2 do they allow dogs??? i have no one to take care of Jelly so she stays with me everywhere!

  96. Oh Jenny, I’m sorry to hear about all that! I’m here with you!! We all can be all too. I’m stuck in my little town, worse yet I’m moving next weekend and am STILL trying to figure how I’m paying for all of it. Only moving a mile away though, still a bike ride to the beach!

    P.S. Anyone here plan to go to Southern Comfort in Atlanta this September? Jenny, just drive down the coast to SC, and we can cruise over to Atlanta together!

  97. Gina I am in ri and i hate clear chowder pronounced here as chowda!!! i wish i could go too and meet a lot of you!!! but i was fired on valentines day yes its been a fun year(no it hasn’t) health problems too… so if you guys want to have our own beall here i am with you!!!

  98. clam cake is much better and deep fried!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its like a fritter but you put minced clam in it and you use it to dunk in your clam chowder (red,clear,white) wow we should put up a menu and open a place i am so hungry!!!!!!
    red-manhattan chowder
    white-new england chowder
    clear-no one knows????

  99. For the record, Jenny opened the door, I just let the smell of dinner waft in. BTW, shrimp are in hand!! Fresh off the boat, heads already lopped off, huge ones and only $6.50/lb.

    Is a clam cake like a crab cake?

  100. Hey it was Rebecca that brought up the shrimp i mearly salivated after it!!!! so today is shrimp day? what time should we be there? and will there be enough for everyone!!! and yes i am hungry!! so isn’t Jelly and she will share with Sasha! should i bring something from New England ?? like clam cakes??? okay now i am really hungry…. and hot weiners and coffe milk i am so going out right now! BYE!!!!

  101. Hola Aims – It was good to see you still had a few syllables left in ya!

    Fourteen days and counting to our 3-day Be-All bender!

    Another peep retro, Audrey

  102. Hi Amy, good luck on the trial, hope it goes, or settles to your client’s advantage!

    BTW, here in SC, y’all is singular, all y’all is the plural!!


  103. I don’t want ya’ll to shut up … I love the comments, though you are making me hungry. Trial tomorrow AM on which I’m still focusing, but I’ll post tomorrow night, though just warning ya … I’ll have a few CL’s in me when I’m punching the keys then ! πŸ™‚

  104. rotflol Jenny! Sad to say the shrimp will have to wait till tomorrow, I found out this afternoon I need to whip up some chicken wings for a pot luck at work tomorrow for a fella whose leaving us. We seriously eat at these things. We even have a resident george foreman grill, and this guy will be slinging burgers throughout the day.

    But, that shrimp idea has me drooling too, so I am all set to go for tomorrow. I even bought some new ginger soy when I got the wings. Just have to stop by Magwood’s boat for the shrimp after work tomorrow. Dine-in only btw!!!

    Oh, and yes, Amy should write something to shut us up!

  105. FORGET Jelly i am drooling….. darn ! do you do take out?heheheh Rebecca it seems we are taking over here Amy should write something to shut us up!or show up at our houses with something good to eat!!!! to keep us away from here….

  106. Jenny! Oooh, shrimp sound good for tonight. I’ll stop by the docks and buy some off Magwood’s boat on the way home. Maybe shrimp skewers on the que brushed with ginger taryaki over some steamed brown rice. Mmmmmn!! Sorry, didn’t mean to make Jelly drool, she can have a skewer too! Sashie won’t mind.

  107. OH???? Hi Rebecca!!!!! hows the bbq? it smells good from here!!! heheehh and Jelly is sniffing around for Shrimp!

  108. Rebecca i wouldn’t say you killed it i just think that everyone is slowly thinking thru their entries so as to not make Amy think we are shocked by her newest entry know we don’t want to scare Amy away….we might not hear from her for another few months especially with the nice weather here…. ” SSSSHHHHH…be very ..very ..quiet —i’m hunting Amys” said with Elmer Fudd accent !

  109. Wow, I really killed the momentum there with my last comment 3 days ago!

    I think Jenny may have a point there (hi Jenny!). This rude dude may have seen your web site. You must be a mini celeb in GR! Does anyone ever come up to you and say “hey Amy”?

  110. Yay new post! The first of many to come!!!

    I can appreciate the irony, but then again, life is too short to let morons derail the moment.

  111. It’s funny – well, maybe not really so funny – how dialed-in people think they are when casually observing others to make a Function call. It probably has to do a bit with location – bars likely tweek one’s radar for CD’s as well as T’s, with the conventional wisdom being that the prettier they are, the higher the likelihood that they’re T. I’ve read that in Bangkok it’s more likely correct than not.

    At least in your case, Amy, he had his head on -mostly- straight and clocked you as HOT, as we all knew anyway. So, no point in complaining – we all want to be pretty – and he just confirmed it for you. How awesome is that?

  112. Holy krap! …a new blog from Amy??? I was beginning to think that she was in a comma somewhere (being set up to have her organs harvested…”Coma” shout out)… πŸ™‚

    Sweetie…if you get “clocked,” there is absolutely no hope for the rest of us!!

  113. It’s really no big deal to me … when you transition and stay in your hometown like I have … it happens. Doesn’t stop me from doing my thang. πŸ™‚

  114. so now someone thought you ??? he really needs glasses!!!! really dont even think about it as he was surely wrong! all i see is one of the ..nope THE most beautiful girl i know !!!!really ! he was looking to cause trouble or something he might even read your web page…. maybe he is a closet?

  115. In my experience many natal females are tagged for each TS tagged. A few unfortunate women are tagged frequently. They are not amused.

  116. Well chica, for lots on your mind, you got the jist of the post. That’s exactly what happened. And this past weekend, the circle was complete … I was the person someone Function called in that setting.

  117. Amy so your saying someone noticed a friend and thought she was tg and she is not??? and the guy was talking to you about her ??? is that correct? sorry for the confusion but lots on my mind this a.m. ???????

  118. And in case anyone is wondering: Was the bar where this occurred a location one would expect to find those of Function? No, not really. And … It wasn’t like either of us in each occasion were doing anything to call unnecessary attention to ourselves which could have lead to heightened scrutiny. I know, that’s hard to believe, at least for those that know me outside of my hometown. But here in my hometown, though I probably wouldn’t be deemed a wallflower, I do dial it down considerably from 11. (Except on the night before Thanksgiving, on that night I do go krazy.) Otherwise, I’m usually just friendly and talkative … I talk incessantly, incessantly. But on this particular occasion, I wasn’t doing any stand-up, hadn’t taken a stage and not once was I dancing on a table. I don’t even think I made one sarcastic comment the entire evening. Eh, scratch that last one … not sure that’s even possible. πŸ™‚

  119. Totally miss-read, Yodette. Even Now (that’d be a Barry Manilow shout out :)), since I’ve regained the ability to expand beyond one word exclamations, when I think about it, I’m like "You’ve got to be kidding me !"

  120. Curiosity. The first bar experience – if you can explain without compromising someone, was the friend miss-read, clocked or ratted?

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