Judging Others

I don’t think people realize what they are doing sometimes …

Judging others based on preconceived notions,

Before even getting to know a person,

Sometimes the judgment can be so harsh.

I am the recepient of such judgments  on occasion …

Some people that don’t know me,

But get advance wind of My Function,

Judge me based on preconceived notions they have of My Function,

Before ever meeting me.

And then within 5 minutes of meeting me …

I’ll do something,

Which in their mind confirms their prejudgment.

The something I do …

Doesn’t matter,

As it has nothing to do with their prejudgment.

It’s just that they will scrutinize me,

Evaluate me,

Scour everything I do,

To support their pre-adopted conclusion about me.

Where does someone get off judging another person after just knowing them for mere moments?

I usually can’t judge whether or not I like a television show in the first 5 minutes,

How in the world could I draw a conclusion about another person in less time than that?

I guess others can though,

They must have super powers.


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  1. They call him the paranoid android, but more correctly, he’s deeply morose. With a brain the size of a galaxy, who wouldn’t be.

  2. Hey Nikki !!! Marvin is the paranoid android in the best book of all time … The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy ! 🙂

    No way !!! Darth Vader !!! lol I’ll check it out !

  3. Oh Amy, before I foget (and if you’re interested), I met up with Darth Vader last week. He’s a strange chap. I added the day as a blog entry in my weblink. 🙂

  4. OMG !!! Yodette !!! A Marvin quote … that’s excellent !!! Wow !!! You rock !!! 🙂 I’m like speechless … amazing !!! Phreaking amazing !!! Well done !!!

  5. Hi Nikki !!! I know … sorry !!! 🙁 I’m still around and still punching out posts, just haven’t published anything of late and life has been sorta hectic, ugh … if I can get through today, possibly tomorrow … I’ll post and roll out a few new changes. (I spent November writing my NaNoWriMo book, which I’ll be posting on a chapter by chapter basis on one of my other sites, I’ll feed it into News though … everything shows up here ! 🙂 The book is sooooo bad, it’s painful, I love it !!! :))

    Chapter 1

    And then,


    He died.

  6. Well, I’ll second that one Amy. it’s almost a bhuddist thought. Be the best you can be, let the others catch up when they’re ready.
    Oh, and blessed are the cheesmakers! 🙂

  7. Hi, Amy

    I read your post and although I do not know what truly happened, nor what the motivating factor was of this person that did ‘pre-judge’, but I would simply write it off as a profound short-coming on the part of that person. It is so sad that many people are of this ilk and it all boils down to the old saying of ‘What we do not know nor truly understand we often fear’. I have found that people – and the TS Community is certainly not exempt from this unfortunate trait – is that a sense of inane ‘oneup-personship’ also plays a part in this pre-conceived view of others which serves to make those whom judge feel better about themselves.

    Amy, all I can say is – pray be the best person you can be and simply forget them.

  8. Nikki … I know exactly what you mean … I’m not sure if it’s the way natals feel all the time and the change is now noticeable to me since the dysphoria intrusion was removed or if once confronting such an experience, you acquire a different perspective … might be a combinatiooooon of the two, don’t know.

  9. It’s funny that you mention that. I’ve just been having a conversation with one of the guys at work about preconceived ideas about people based on their initial actions/comments etc, which was neither related to your post nor my T* status. As a digression… since reaching the other side of full transition, I’ve found that I have little more to achieve other than be the best person that I could possibly be. Sure, I’ve still to learn how to hang glide etc but that doesn’t compare to being thoughtful or wise or kind or empathic… Now I do my best to ask myself “what is motivating this person to act the way they do or say what they’re saying”. I’ll have to see how this post progresses.

  10. Yeah … it’s really not just a Function related thing … I see people doing it to other people all the time too.

    I know this is sort of vague post, Nikki, It’s sort of an offshoot of a larger post that I’ve been punching out … I broke it out and posted it now as a reminder to myself to always try to look at things from the other person’s persepective.

  11. Most people would rather you put their spouse at risk than endangered their pre-conceived notions.

    Insecurity slams the door of a closed mind.

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