Admin Sunday

Posting resumes today …

And this post doesn’t count.


Before then I’m trying to do some version upgrades in an effort to address the spam that’s been sneaking through …


I think I have the protocol down,

Having spent bookoo time figuring it out on my test site,

And a couple others in the AmyVerse. πŸ™‚


I’ve been known to randomly deviate from protocol,

(Reason 86 as to why I’m still single *shrug*),

Which might mean that the site krashes for a while.

So if things go down here for a bit,

It’ll just be for a bit.

And yes,

I totally appreciate the reality of things being …

That if I do screw up during the upgrade,

You’re probably not able to read this Warning Message anyways.

Sworry. πŸ™‚

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  1. Hey Girl,

    I just saw on the TV that it’s snowing where you’re at and that it’s actually sticking. That’s crazy for so early in the season. It’s cold here, but no snow alas.


  2. Well, I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. After all, who needs conformity. When I get bored, i just ask my passenger to take the steering wheel and do the driving for me (it helps that it’s a dual controlled ex-driving instructor’s car).

  3. Hey Nikki !!!

    Well, truth be told, most of those who have ever ridden anywhere with me while I did the driving will probably quickly point out that I don’t necessarily drive on the right side of the road over here !!! πŸ™‚

    Feeling a bit under the weather ??? LOL πŸ™‚ *snicker* *snicker*

  4. Hi Amy,
    Good to know that you’re alive and well. Oh, by the way, I was looking at the interior of you car earlier and noticed that your steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car!
    Seriously though, how do you cope with driving on the right hand side of the road? We tried doing that with cars in the UK but it didn’t work out; too many accidents apparently! The government said that next time it will make an effort to include all trucks and busses.

    Take care. Oh, i’m skiving again! πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks girl !!! I do rely on the kindness of you Mac-a-doodles to let me know when I have something not working right on your machines ! πŸ™‚ I’ve checked in various versions of Firefox, Flock, Opera and IExplorer, though if anyone else notices something not rendering properly, or at least think it looks wrong, please let me know. Thanks !!! πŸ™‚

  6. Not bad … things are back working at about 3:33 pm … whew ! I always get nervous doing that, especially when I don’t rip a back-up ! πŸ™‚

    Anyways, a few minor things … the rotating tagline at the top of the page is slightly changed in positioning from before, not much, but it’s off a few pixels. I’ve got some problems with my css at some point because my padding seems to be a few pixels off when rendering in Firefox or Flock as opposed to IExplorer.

    I don’t have the border frames around the pics in the Amy Today and Lead News Gal sections like I did before … by the time I got to the point of making it work this far, I lost interest in trying to tidy it up more … sorry, maybe another day.

    The Amy Today pics are thumbnails (slightly larger) and vertical now instead of horizontal and square.

    The headings in the sidebars are centered now instead of left justified.

    I’m using a square list style in the middle column now … I don’t like it so that’s going to change.

    I have to center the table yet under the Lead News Gal section … I’ve never table centered before, but from some brief reading it sounds like it’s a two step process, which is exactly two more steps than I want to spend on it, but I’ll admit, the left justification bothers me, so I’ll probably fix it. I also changed the pics that rotate in the Block of 4 … the lower right one are ones I have tagged specifically as headshots, the other three are now randomly pulled from all of my Flickr pics … hopefully that’ll make it a bit less boring.

    Please let me know if you noticed anything else screwed up. Thanks !!! πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Sally !!! πŸ™‚

    Actually, I haven’t upgraded News yet … I’ve tweaked a few things so I decided to do a cold burn back on the test site this morning first … for what it’s worth kids, though some of ya’ll have already noticed it, I moved the test site to AmyNewsToo … if you’re every obscenely bored with life, you can usually see krap I’m working on there … not all of the stuff I do there shows up at News, some goes to the other places.

    /Tas πŸ™‚

  8. Hey Alice .. .Thanks !!! πŸ™‚ I might take you up on that.

    I use Akismet for my spam protection and it’s been great historically, but it crashed a few weeks/month ago for a bit and things just haven’t been the same. They rolled out WP 2.04 about a couple of months ago and I’m been meaning to bumped up to that … I’ve been using a rc version of 2.03 for a while now and thinking maybe there’s a hole in there someplace.

    Do you have any experience with a WP plug-in called FAlbum ??? It’s a great plug-in, but it’s documentation is lacking, so it’s a lot of trial and error, at least for me. When I bumped up to 2.04 at the test site, all the formatting on the pics went wacky and I still haven’t been able to solve the problem in a way I’d like … (don’t scream in terror, but the block of 4 pics in the Lead News Gal section I ended up recreating using tables, ph’ing tables … I HATE tables !!! πŸ™‚ ) I finally caved on the Amy Today section and started using vertical thumbnails instead of horizontal small squares. It’s clearly just a css issue someplace. I’ve torn through the FAlbum css script and couldn’t find anything that changed. I’m of the opinion at this point that it’s related to some li and ul sidebar issues in my primary css … which I’ll figure out at some point. Maybe. πŸ™‚

  9. Amy:
    You don’t have any time to be anything but single! You remind me of the Tasmanian Devil that was a Saturday Morning show. Continuous movement, whirling and rushing about.
    Since we all saw your post after your update and spam interdiction effort, it must have worked OK. Maybe you will consider Opening a web site in your web site empire to give 1950 model engineers like me help with computer stuff. In return, I’ll help you learn the niceties of a slide rule.

  10. Well Tara chica …

    Before I start placing wagers, we have to see how the boys are doing leading up to the game … I can say, as true Blue, the Michigan-Ohio State game is THE game of the year for me … and I’m getting phreaking sick and tired of losing it of late … beating State and Notre Dame is nice and all, but I expect to win those games, and when we lose them … well, that happens, ’cause even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then … but if I’m losing my patience on THE game.

  11. Ohio State is looking really strong, that’s for certain. The Blue has plenty of tough games to get through before Ohio State … I’m far from confident about what our record will be by the time the game rolls around.

    Exactly !!! It’s a fairly appropriate name for the post !!! πŸ™‚ It’s not my Southern Comfort post though … Bar Krashing is actually a learning experience post …

    And sometimes learning experiences are not fun.

  12. I’m not sure what you’re using for spam prevention, but Spam Karma 2 is pretty good. If you need help with any of the wordpress admin stuff, please let me know as I’ve got a fairly good handle on these things.

  13. …I still have no idea how you have time to do everything that you do!…practicing law, traveling around the country, maintaining (and debugging) all your web sites, blogging, minor hospital trips,…and, of course, all that drinking too!

    I get exhausted just thinkin’ about it! …only a true Jedi Master could handle it all…


    Even though I’m not a native of Columbus, Ohio, I’ve lived here for nearly seven years…so, I’m sort of a “transplanted Buckeye”……while I admit that team of yours is having a good season…I’m ready to place a wager with you on THE game…I think an OSU license plate frame would look good around that big, blue “M” on your plate!

  14. A bar crash? A bout of cosmetic vanity? An incident involving a case of Dos Equis and the improper handling of a pneumatic staple gun?

  15. Press Conference-Question Six-Part Dos? Damn, that was a long time ago that we asked those questions. I’ve forgotten what the question was.

    By the way, your Wolverines are looking pretty good. Not quite Ohio State good, but good nonetheless. Not that I like Ohio State, I’m an SEC girl , but it promises to be quite a buildup to the big game.

    I’m assuming Bar Krashing is how you got those new staples in your head?

  16. LOL Yuhppers … alive and well !!!

    I’ll post my Atlanta experience … I have to post how I ended up with another 10 staple holes in my head !!! I had a hoot !!! πŸ™‚

    Heehee … the names of some of them I’ll be a sharin’ in the upcoming days … I have a little story about one of them and a couple others I’m going to feed into AmyNews like AmyLicious, though only after I get the Licious feed modified the way I want it.

    The next posts probably are:

    The New Old
    Band Reunited
    Bar Krashing
    Amy’s Press Conference – Question Six – Part Dos
    Oil Change
    My Hair Graft Surgery
    Decision 2006
    Kross Promotion


    Seriously though, are we going to be privy to how things went in one of my most favorite cities, Atlanta?

    By the way, I’m about to give up on the whole hidden sites you have. You’re good!


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