A Hairy Situation

Hey kids,

Guess what I’m doing today?

Well, yeah …

That too,


But that’s later,

I mean now.

Nope, nice try.


Once again I’ve found myself back in Chi-town,


North of Chi-town …

Getting ready to have Dr. Z do some cutting up on me.

Nothing significant today …

In fact,

I’ll be on my back in about 50 minutes,

And I’m still not 100% sure I’ll go through with it,

Though I probably will.

It’s all under a local,

So obviously it’s nothing too significant,

Just some hair grafts to the front of my hairline to cover the scar across my head from my original ffs,

Maybe a second round of fat injections to my temples,

And a dose or two to my luscious, oh-so-kissable lips.

There’s also a stitch that I can see,

In fact I think others can see,

That shows itself for some reason under my stage right nostril,

Residual from my upper lip lift.

I hoping he can make that go bye-bye,

But if he can’t,


I’m actually torn on the whole hair grafting thing.

As odd as it sounds,

I take pride in my scars.

They are my personal memories of where I’ve been,

What I’ve done.

Souvenirs of my past.

I don’t know.

In so many ways I like seeing that scar across my forehead every morning when I’m getting ready,

It’s a tangible connection to past for me,

And I don’t have many of those left.

It’s such an empty, scary feeling each time I lose one.

Oh well,

What the heck …

Why not,

I’m already here …

And it’s always a hoot to see Dr. Z, Ben, Chris and LeNore.

Though seriously,

After this …

Two more surgeries,

Three more max,

Then I’m done with surgeries,


Depending on my life cycle,

That is.

(I figure I’ll probably need to get my breast implants rotated in 5 – 10 years, and hopefully I live long enough to require a second rotation after that. I also think I’ll get a face lift at some point, hell … I’ve had enough surgeries, I deserve to treat myself to one surgery for pure vanity’s sake at some point. ;-))

Okay kids …

I’ll try to take pics throughout the day and post them in Click the Pic.

Peace out.

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  1. Hey Patti !!! πŸ™‚

    I’ll give you more info on the process, at least how it works with Dr. Z’s office. I’m just finding myself uber tired and punching out my run down has taken way too long. I’ll keep plugging away though !!! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Karen ! πŸ™‚

    We’ve got Christopher Ecclestone at the current time. I was bummed to hear that he wasn’t coming back next season, but glad to hear you give his replacement a thumbs up !!! I love Dr. Who !!!

  3. Hi Amy
    I hope the recovery is going well. Can’t wait to see piccies of the results when everything settles down.
    Glad you are enjoying the new Dr WHO over there. Is it Christopher Ecclestone as the doctor that you are getting at the moment or David Tennant the latest incarnation. Both are seriously good.
    Pour some sugar on it!

  4. A Memorable Line Can Go to a Girl’s Head
    copyright 2006; all rights reserved, used by permission


    CHENDRA, EMILY and STACY are seated in their favourite window corner with coffee and muffins.

    EMILY (to Stacy)
    Thanks for the coffee.

    It was no trouble.
    She’s imagining it,
    you know.

    Well, it’s the
    thought that counts.


    Emily smiles, brushing her hair back from her forehead with her index finger.

    STACY (cont)
    Didn’t you have a
    scar under there?

    EMILY (puzzled)
    Under where?


  5. Amy,
    Thank you for sharing the photo play by play. I have had 2 ffs including 2 scalp advancements, and like yourself, my scar isn’t very noticable but I’m considering have a hair transplant to tweek it as well. So it was nice to see your photos, and I’ll be looking forward seeing your beautiful results. I think will definitly be undergoing it sometime in the furture too. I just wish my hair was as thick as yours. Thank you for the inside look at the process. Good luck with your recovery, you’re going to more beautiful than ever.
    I love your posts

    Patti J.

  6. Amywan…thanks for the call least night…and thanks for the quick edit. Every little bit helps!

    We’ll talk soon. Promise!

  7. ‘Kenna~ Sorry ’bout the name thing … promise it won’t happen again. Wouldn’t want to be responsible for someone losing out on potential date material … is that like breaking a mirror (i.e., comes with 7 years bad luck)? πŸ˜‰

    Yeah, June will be a perfect month to have my face rearranged. I’m having the works … brow advance/lift, forehead contouring, nose job, chin burring & soft tissue work, trach shave, mid/lower face and neck lift, fat grafting to upper and lower lips, and upper lip lift. Whew!

    In my eyes, your surgery turned out great … super cute … though passing didn’t appear to be an issue for you from your before “girl-mode” pictures. I do have a few nosy, none of my business, tell me to phreak off questions, if you’d be so kind:

    1. Now that things have settled in, are you happy with the results? Did it turn out as you expected/hoped it would?
    2. Any residual pain/problems from FFS?
    3. Would you have Dr. Z tweek anything if you could?
    4. Did that rumoured post-surgery depression hit and when?
    5. Any tips for surviving a serious FFS whacking? (And yes, I plan to be WELL medicated for the first 3-4 days.)

    Whatever you’d care to share would be appreciated …

    Oh yeah, one more thing … do you get more attention post FFS from … you know … the male population? Hmmm?


  8. Back at ya’ Kelly … good talking to you too (sleepyhead!).

    Give Smoky a hug and a tummy rub from me … Happy B-day sweet boy~


  9. Amy … yep, figured you’d be back working today … do you ever sloooooow down? Haha!

    Glad you’re feeling better (well, sorta’ better anyway). Are you able to find a comfortable position to sleep in that won’t aggrevate your “wounds”? From the pic you posted, the back of your head must be pretty raw … are you having to clean it with an antiseptic wash of some kind? (Ouch, must sting!)

    ‘Ta for now & a hug, Sharon

  10. Gotcha covered ‘Kenna !!! πŸ™‚

    Feeling better … went back to work today, so only missed one day, which was last Friday when I had the work done.

    My lips are still uber sore and massive in size, but they are gradually coming back down to reality … the grafts aren’t all that sore up front, very scabby looking, but not really painful at all … if my regrowth comes back in where the grafts were made … I’ll be incredibly thrilled with the results. The incision where they sewed my back up in the back of my head by the donor site is really sore, painful to the touch. I’ve got more pics, just haven’t finished my post yet on the experience … if I end up falling asleep on not finishing it tonight … I’ll at least post the pics tomorrow ! πŸ™‚

  11. Hey Sharon,

    It was so awesome to get to talk with you on the phone the other night. I cannot wait till Chicago so we can hang out. Wish I was having the FFS this Summer too but it has to wait till next.

    Aims, how ya feeling? Loved the great pics of your surgery. That may have elevated you past Jedi Knight Status to a whole new realm.

    Peace out girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I go by “Kenna to avoid stupid google search returns of my oh to unique name by unknowing potential mates…so, um yea…I’m the same person…

    So its surgery in June. A lovely month to have your face rearranged, is it not? How can I help you Sharon?

    (note: amywan…can you edit that comment ASAP so it doesn’t get indexed that way? thanks…?)

  13. Hey now–is this ‘Kenna whose FFS pictures are on the Yahoo FFS support site? If so, mind if I ask a few questions? Amy can vouch that I’m harmless … boring maybe … but harmless. I’m having FFS with Dr. Z in June just after Be-All.


  14. Yo sis….

    How are those lips doing today? Curious as to how long they are taking to shrink down to a more normal size.

    Damn. You’re gonna look even better now babe:-)

  15. You mean you came to SF and didn’t even call me, gee woman I’m gonna go cry now πŸ™‚

    Hope all went well, James

  16. LOL Yeah, I’m nuts, there’s no questiooooon about it. I’m not a big fan of medications or painkillers period and rarely take any, at least in drug or controlled substance form, alcohol and liquor on the other hand … πŸ™‚

    I was out and about el dia despues … being so close, I wanted to go IKEAing, though I did break down around noon and popped a Vicodin … I’m not sure I should have been so active and walking that much afterwards … I was feeling the pain pretty good, mainly from the incisions around the donor hair graft site on the back of my head, did I mention I was hurting ??? πŸ™‚

    Anyways, I got some great krap at IKEA, and though I was hurting a bit, I’m sure it wasn’t nearly and much as my bruised and swollen face was hurting those pour souls whose eyes stumbled upon me throughout the day !!!

    Thanks for noticing the baggy jeans !!! Gawd love ya !!! The South Beach diet has been kind to me. πŸ™‚

  17. Amy you’re phreaking shopping?! Girl, what kind of vitamins are you taking? Can you hook me up with your connection? Geezzzzz!

    Love the headgear … is it LIZ C or DKNY? (wink).

    And, **warning–blatant sucking up follows** … ah-hem … is it just me or are those size 3/4 jeans looking a little baggie? ;-p

    Hope you’re feelin’ better … when will we get the big reveal on the new, improved Amy lips? *smack* *smack*


    (Hey, Kel girl — thanks for the call, whew!)

  18. Sharon,

    Girl, I am still here, it’s just that (and Amy can relate based on past posts) we have one of the worst cable companies in the world here (INSIGHT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!) and they have been doing upgrades to the platform which of course has knocked out the email system and I only have intermittent internet as well. 12 days and counting. So, I got your message and called you back today but you weren’t there. Also, I have cingular which pretty much explains that, as they suck too!!

    I got another email today that bounced back that I sent you like 3 days ago. I guess I should probably get one of those throw away hotmail accounts. Call me this weekend since Chicago is just around the corner.

    Aims, love the line you used. TOo funny!

  19. AMY~ What are you doing up! Go back to bed and SLEEP! You had surgery for gawd’s sake … tsk-tsk-tsk.

    PS–Did you make it through Dr. Who? I am sooooo hooked. I’m glad they kept some of the original features of the original … theme music, phone box/time machine … even the sound effect of the Tardis powering up is the same … ah, memories.

    Hmmmm, wonder if Dr. Z could make me as cute as Rose? And maybe a Brit accent transplant too!



    KELLY! Where have you been? I tried calling several times, but the phone wouldn’t ring through. Gawd, girl are you OK?


  20. Thanks all !

    I really wasn’t that bothered by my hairline nor the scar up front, but I have to admit, if the grafts fill in anywhere near as well as they look like they might based on how things looked before they wrapped my noggin’ up, I’ll be very pleased with the grafts and will consider it well worth it. The downside though is that it’s a long term wait and see thing as in about a week the hair in plugs there will fall out and things won’t start their normal regrowth and growth patterns for 3 – 5 months … I really don’t expect to be able to judge things until next summer.

    As far as the fat grafts in the lips and temples go … I just did that because I was there for the hair grafts already. Fat transfers pretty much reabsorb a boatload and disappear … I think I read somewhere that it’s like 80% or so, but I think it’s more like 90 – 95 – 98%. Usually Dr. Z says 2 – 3 fat transfers are what you need to get to the point of what you want, unfortunately, my first lip fat transfer I didn’t let him put as much fat in them as he wanted, so after all was said and done, I got like zip out of my first transfer. My second fat transfer to the lips about two years ago settled in nicely and would have been all that I needed if I hadn’t wimped out on my first transfer. This one was just finishing the task, though as I said, I wouldn’t have even done it if I wasn’t there for the hair grafts, ’cause seriously, you look like krap for a good week, sometimes two afterwards … and I bruise like krazy too, so I’m a mess right now … I already used my favorite post-surgery line for when someone is looking at you, but trying not to look … “You think I look bad? You should see the bitch who started it“. πŸ™‚

  21. Amy, you are one serious Jedi. I can barely make it through an hour of electrolysis without crying in agony and you take real time pictures of yourself being operated on! Like those who posted before, not sure you needed any follow up work seeing as how he did pretty damn good the first time around, but sure am glad you came out in great shape. Rest up and get well soon!

    PS. Hi Sharon?

  22. Straight up girl !!! I take my beat reporter on the street job seriously, those pics are live from the operating room … I’ve got more that I wasn’t able to send during … I’ll upload those later.

    Right now, I feel like krap and am going to veg out and try to stay awake to watch Dr. Who.

    Hey, did any of you kids see The Office (US) last night … WOW !!! I love Jim and Pam !!!

  23. Amy you already look PERFECT how can Dr Z improve upon perfection…. you will be fine so promise us readers you will take it easy this weekend and relaxe and heal and i can’t wait to see pics! take care and God Bless!

  24. Gawd Almighty! Is that you snapping photos with your cell phone while undergoing surgery! Whatta’ woman Amy girl … and you did it all under local anesthetic? (Wait–I need to pick myself up of the floor–feelin’ woooooozzzy.)

    OK … good luck with everything. I hope it all turns out the way you want … though … ah-hem … I think you’re messing with perfection (wink).

    Gawd you’re brave …


  25. hope it goes/went well,


    i understand the scar thing…
    i think my gallbladder scars are cute…
    and i still look for the scar on my foot,
    where i stopped on the broken bottle when i was seven years old…

    what’s that line?
    “scars are souvenirs you never lose”
    i think that’s it…

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