Kalling A Fraternity Brother

Guess what I did last Friday?


Not that !!! -P

No, what I did was totally Debbie Gibson Out of The Blue,

I called one of my fraternity brothers !!!

Yeah …

Surprised the daylights out of me, too.


To date …

I haven’t spoken, nor seen as far as I know,

Any of my fraternity brothers …

Since the whole sex change thing and all, ya know.

Though I did correspond via e-mail with a very kewl one a while back,

But if I’m not mistaken …

I owe him an e-mail response,

And it’s like 16 months overdue.

Typical Amy.

Anyways …

I didn’t actually end up speaking with the fraternity brother I called today,

As I was directed to his voicemail,

So it’s really a non-event.

But still,

I figured I’d share with you what led me to punching his office digits.

You see,

I have a case where I need an expert witness,

And it’s not one of my typical criminal cases,

But a civil case.

So I was going to through my list of resources for the particular expert witness I was searching and …

’J-Lo and behold,

There was his name.


I thought.

It’s definitely him, because seeing his name reminded me that he worked in the field I was seeking,

But should I call him?

I contemplated it for a good one second,

And then decided,

Why not?

What’s the harm in checking to see if a fraternity brother can make a nickel or two off a case?

Heck, he probably doesn’t even know who I am now.

Personally, it’s hard for me to imagine that many know …

Though in reality,

It’s good gossip material …

So several probably do.



Since we didn’t connect I don’t know whether he knows or not,

But I’m curious to see if I get a return call.

Of course,

I left my name,

Not Joe’s …

So since I lack Joe’s name recognition,

I might not get the return call as promptly as he would.

We’ll see.

Update: ’K … I didn’t get a return call as much as I could tell, at least I never received a return voicemail message. However, it’s very possible that since I was a cold call inquiry and my call was made Friday, hearing back Tuesday or Wednesday would not be unreasonable, nonetheless, I wanted to check this item off the to-do list, so I figured I’d call him again … first thing Tuesday morning. This time I didn’t get voicemail, but got a live body, who eventually routed me to him. It was definitely my fraternity brother … voice sounds the same. He’s a good guy, I always enjoyed talking with him before, so it was really a challenge for me not to get into the whole … “Hey, how ya doing?” … line of discussion or respond with my subtle, yet tasteless “Nothing … anymore … ever.“-answer to the “What’s up?” query. Anyways, I’ve been scrambling today to get some things done, so I went straight into some screening questions to see if he could help me and never got into to the whole who I was or wasn’t thing at all. He was very professional, very courteous … I do wish I had time to say “Hey, it’s me” and chat with him a bit. But I didn’t today. And he gave no clue that he knew who I was, though really … I sorta, kinda sensed he did.  

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  1. so, umm…
    there are times i regret having never done anything about my voice, because people who knew me before always recognize it…
    but otherwise,
    i’m not sure if i’m woodworking,
    or tacky wallpaper…

  2. Well amy it makes sence what you are saying. I haven’t had the ‘pleasure’ of having to call too old school palls (I only had one good friend and he knows so that was easy :-} ).

    I am sometimes wondering what I would do if an invite to a class reunion would be dropped on my doorstep (especially the highschool). I think I’ll pass on the offer, to much to explain.

  3. Hi Amy – telling…it never ends. I liken it to throwing black paint in a trough with any other color. Soon as you do it, you’ve got black. It’s like that with us. Once you tell, that becomes THE conversation. So if you’ve got something important to discuss, it’s actually wise (which you already knew) to NOT tell, because otherwise this ‘fascinating’ topic becomes all they can see.

    Love your site, btw.


  4. I agree Natalie … I feel like I missed something too … I don’t like feeling like I’m not able to/shouldn’t acknowledge someone I knew, and not because someone might have a problem with me, I’m talking about just because I don’t have the time to get into all the sex change things and answer those questions that might result with the attention they deserve. Sometimes it’d just be nice to say … “Hi” to someone I know but haven’t seen in a long time, do the quick catch-up thing, and then be able to move on knowing we’ll catch-up again later, but understanding neither really had the time right then. It’s difficult to do now.

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