More Lame Lines from Amy’s Joke Book

Other Person: “Hey Amy, what are you giving up for Lent?

Me: “My virginity.

Editor’s Note: Lighten up, it’s just a joke. And come on, it’s phunny ! Just deadpan the answer, like you’re not really thinking about it. Guys … it doesn’t work for you, so instead, try tossing out in the same disinterested manner the answer “fidelity”. And you don’t have to be Catholic to use it … heck, I’m not. It’s just that a lot of my friends are and I hate feeling left out.

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  1. I was going to add something about Melissa, but I forgot. I like her too, but I’m afraid she could be the forgotten one by others … she needs to do something to make herself stand out from the crowd.

    Normally I don’t like Gedeon either, but I found him much more pleasant last night and do hope he’s not kicked off tonight. He might be a sleeper pick.

    Exactly on Ace !!! He’s pretty and all, and does have a good voice, but he’s really close to being Michael Bolton, he needs to edge it up some.

  2. Amy,
    I agree with EVERYTHING you said in your summary, including your picks for who gets the boot tonight. The girls were indeed uninspring, but I really like Melissa for some reason. I thought she made a good song choice. Btw, you should know that my girlfriend and I now have a new Tuesday evening ritual. I print off your 24 summary and read it to her as she unwinds from work. (I work from home, so I’m already unwound.) Always fun.

    One thing though — For the first time, I REALLY enjoyed Gedeon last night! Once he setttled in, he did Sam Cooke proud! I now want to see him stick around a while. And I’m with you on Elliot Yamin. I’m liking him more and more. Chris was the best.

    Ace is real pretty, but I’m tired of the sensitive “I touch my own heart while I sing” thing. For some reason, I find myself wanting to see Elliot and Chris corner him and mess up his face a little.

    That’s not weird is it?

  3. Hi Sharon !!! Yuhp … I’ve got you in the queue !!! 🙂 I’ve got a couple of emergency e-mails to respond to first, i.e. one’s where I’ve been bumped on for the third or fourth time !!! :), but I’ll make sure I toss it right back at ya by the end of the weekend. I’m actually trying to coordinate a few things regarding my ffs on my site since I do get quite a few questions about it … just to make it easier for ya’ll to find and review, including posting more pics of my surgery. Sorry for the delay ! Feel free to kick my ass !!! 🙂

  4. Howie !!! Goodness no … I’d never give up television for Lent !!! 🙂 Yeah, it was redeeming last week, I was glad to see Simon come around with Taylor. Though check out my comments on Taylor this week, he’s toned down the shoulder dip, which I’m glad about, but he’s still adding “hey” way too much. He’s good though, you were definitely right about him !

    Did you think the girls were as uninspiring as I did this week? The boys I thought collectively where much better.

  5. Lent? Isn’t that something you pick out of your bellybutton? (wink!) Hey, where are you at answering those 100 or so emails? I’m in there somewhere under FFS surgery Q’s. Smiles~

  6. Amy, you’re not giving up television for Lent, are you? I mean, the guys sing tonight and Brenna goes home tomorrow. That’s exciting stuff.

    And how ’bout my boy Taylor? I knew Simon would come around on him. Heck, he was there all the time.

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