My New Year’s Resolution

You know … for the past several years, I’ve have some fairly heavy duty things on my list of things to do for my New Year’s Resolutions … I think I’m going to go a little easier this year with a goal simply of watching all 6 Star Wars episodes in one setting at some point. Heh, actually, that’s not quite true, I’ve got some really fun resolutions in store for this year … ya’ll are going to love them !!! Trust me !!! 🙂

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  1. OMG…another “Tara”…well, Amy…consider yourself twice blessed!…and, btw…you don’t need to lose a single pound girl; you look great “as is,” chica!

  2. Amy,
    First of all, I really love your site!! Second of all, you don’t have any new years resolutions like losing weight?? I know I do!! I have to lose 20-25 pounds before Summer!!!

    Hugs and Kisses,

  3. Cathy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well i am not alone this year huh? well if you want to chat and keep in touch please let me know ok

  4. Happy New Years Amy!
    I have a similar resolution as Jenny, but mine is to finally get my act together and get to Dr. Z by spring so that I can get to Dr. Marcie this coming fall! I started the ‘mones years ago (on Valentines Day) w/ a similar ramp up schedule then had to go off them for a few years due to complications (good advice on listening to your Endo!) then just was cleared to get back into the game a couple of years ago.


    BTW, what was that scramble in the Mich-Neb game all about??

  5. Sounds like a darn good resolution to me chica !!! 🙂 I started mine in the month of February too when I began the regimen !!! It’s pretty funny, when I first started ‘mones, my doctor gradually built me up to the dosage levels, so I started out with one 2mg dose of estrodiol I think and 50mgs of spiro, then we upped the spiro to 100mgs, estrodiol to 4mgs and added some proscar, then we upped the spiro to 200 mgs and estrodiol to 8 mgs … at my pre-op dosage level for thangs I was taking a total of 7 pills a day – 4 in the AM, 3 in the PM. Then as surgeries were getting wrapped up, the dosage levels got lowered so now, 5 – 6 years later, I’m back to taking pretty much nothing … just a tiny little 2mg dosage of estrodiol once a day in the morning. Things just always come full circle !!! 🙂 

    Oh yeah, and follow your doctor’s advice … it’s a bit interesting as your body starts adjusting !!! 🙂

  6. Amy my resolution is to begin hormone therapy asap!!! feb 9th wish me luck? also to be a better me so i wish you all the best this year and !!!! i can’t wait to see what you have to show us this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hugs

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