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TroopLeader: Question for you … I’m looking up some info for a report for My Daughter
TroopLeader: Name the first thing that comes to your mind when you think man-made wonder.
AmyNews: ME !!!
TroopLeader: How did i know that’d be your answer?

For what it’s worth … since the answer ME !!! apparently wasn’t in the spirit of the homework assignment …

My next response was Hoover Dam. I was pretty impressed with that when I saw it.

Anyways …

Please share your thoughts on the topic, I’m all in favor of helping kids cheat on their homework assignments !!!

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  1. Thank you to everyone for all your ideas!! For her Natural Wonder she’ll probably use either the Grand Canyon or Niagra Falls. She hasn’t decided on the Man-Made yet but she likes the Mount Rushmore or Hoover Dam ideas.

    Yodette. Excellent ideas. Some of them never came up on my search.

    Tara, LOL … Hershey chocolate factory as the Man-Made Wonder. Love it!

    Shaft, she did pick Toronto as her large city to “visit” and she just might put the Hockey Hall of Fame in there. She is her daddy’s girl and likes those Red Wings.

    My daughter’s report is due Monday. I’ll let Aunt Amy know what grade she gets. Better be an A with all this help. I’ll have to remember to IM Amy for future assignments.

  2. …of course…some people would argue that the Hershey chocolate factory in Hershy, PA is the greatest man-made wonder in the US…


  3. Man-made: The Panama Canal (I know…not within the US, but built by the US)…as far as one within the US…gotta be one of these: 1) the Golden Gate Bridge, 2) the Interstate Highway system (thank you Eisenhower), 3) the Hoover Dam, or 4) the Sears Tower.

    Natural wonder…for staying in the US, hands down…The Grand Canyon…with the Yosemite Valley and the Giant Sequoias tied for a close second place…

  4. Manmade – The Saint Lawrence Seaway

    Natural – The Great Lakes or the Rocky Mountains

    They’re both in Canada and the USA

  5. A natural wonder we all take for granted…a good sunset.
    Shaft you got it all wrong; God watches football; that’s why the Cowboys play in a stadium with a big hole in it’s roof.
    Man made wonder we all love to hate..except when we go there…Las Vegas.

  6. The greatest man-made wonder I ever saw was when I was sent to Alliance Nebraska for work some years back. Carhenge. (you can view it at completely to scale replica of stonehenge but made from cars.

    To think I spent several visits and well over a month in Alliance- its all a blur…

  7. Good idea on Niagra Falls for the Natural Wonder … that’s my vote !!!

    I’m ignoring Shaft’s comment about the Soccer on Ice Hall of Fame, but I will concur … that fort he built for Shaft Jr was immense !! (I assisted on it back in the days before Deck Robyn got fired !!! :)) We made these multiple trips to different building supplies stores in a half-hearted attempt to conceal from his wife just how much was actually being spent on this creation … but that’s nothing, you should have seen the deck leading up to the fort !!!

  8. Man-made wonder: The fort/play set that I built at my last house. Twelve feet tall, three stories, free standing and surrounding a large oak tree.

    Natural wonder: The Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, because we all know that God made hockey.

  9. How about Niagra Falls. Its in both the US and Canada and can be considered both a notural wonder and a man-made wonder. Covers all of the bases, eh? (Its a man-made wonder because of the powerstation there that harnesses the power of the fals while, at the same time, reduces the natural erosion of the falls that has been occurring since its formation.)(And its a natural wonder for obvious reasons)

  10. Wow !!! All good ideas !!! Though apparently it’s supposed to be a bit more refined than that …

    She needs a Natural Wonder and a Man Made Wonder, but it has to be located in either the United States or Canada.

    Considering I’m asking for some help here, please note that I am refraining from making any jokes about Canada right now !!! 🙂

  11. I suppose one could point out to the bright-eyed little student the man-made wonders are just the results of overly-ambitious men who have decided to exploit the natural wonders of Earth to achieve their own purposes. Or to create monuments to themselves and their gigantic, selfish egos to the detriment of the lives of hard working slaves or underpaid and expendable laborers. We could then explain that the teacher’s assignment is just a method used to brainwash small children into believing in and aligning to the beliefs of the idelogical machine that rolled over the planet, destroying whatever was in its path in the name of advancing the so-called human race which is actually a disguised effort for the most powerful 1% of the humans to gain even more wealth and power…

    Or- Maccupiccu (Peru) is pretty cool.

  12. From big to small, there are so many. To name but a few:

    1) Khafe, the Great pyramid of the ghiza plateau.

    2) The Great Wall (several, actually) of China.

    3) Mount Rushmore.

    4) The Very Large Telescope at Cerro Paranal in Chile.

    5) The 747 jumbo jet.

    6) The works of William Shakespear.

    7) King Tut’s gold burial mask.

    8) Harrison’s chronometer of 1761.

    9) The microcomputer chip.

    I could go on. There are so many, so wonderous!

  13. The Saint Louis Arch is pretty hot… Where you been Amy! Has anyone else seen North Country yet? I just saw it today… Really good…

  14. i would agree on the dam but i also find the airport in japan thats built on its own man made island good also ..but i’d also have to agreee with you ! have fun!! Jenny

  15. Ahem … Too funny JC !!! LOL

    I would have left the second one up, but you put your comment on the first one and I wanted to preserve it !!!

    That was user error … sorry for the multiples !!! (As if that’s something one would often find themselves saying !!)

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