Commenting On

Please, please, please

Think twice, three times,

And then maybe four times …

Before using your real name anywhere on my site.

Why? You ask.

I mean, it’s not like you, dear Amy,

Use a phake name or anything.

Why should we?

Well, because …

Of search engines.

You see,

If you put your name on my website

And at some point in the future someone types your name into a search engine,

Like Google, Yahoo, MSN Search,

To see if there is anything about you they might be able to find out …

To say about you,

Before they date you, or …

Marry you,

Your name will pop up.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing,


I do make reference to My Function here on occasion,

And your name’s association with My Function,

Might not be something you want to have out there for others to find.

And then …

You’ll ask me to do something about it,

And I’ll try,

Because despite rumors to the contrary,

I’m really a nice person.

Whatever. 🙂


Honest to gawd,

It can be a serious pain in the ass for me to do with the set-up I have.

It also dorks up other things for me I have set as far as the bot crawlers go.

And regardless,

I know I’ll never be able to do it as quickly as you’d like.

So …

It’s just easier to give yourself a nickname whenever posting a comment on my site.

‘Cause ya see,

I don’t validate in even a remote, simple formatting way …

Names or e-mail addresses asked for you to provide on the comment form that pops up when if you decide to post a comment.


Where it asks for your name in the comment form …

Feel free to use a phake one !

Something funny preferably,

But phake nonetheless.

And where it asks for your e-mail address in the comment form …

Same thang …

Feel free to use a phake one !

Something funny preferably,

But phake nonetheless.

Deja Vu.

Deja Vu.


But what if you want me to actually have your e-mail address so we can communicate?

Well then, just e-mail me !!! 🙂

I’m notoriously slow at responding to e-mails,

But I will respond eventually.


Your e-mail address, and name if you so choose to include it, will not be something shared to all who visit my site ! 🙂

On the other hand,

If you are comfortable using your real name and real e-mail address, go for it.

I’m kewl with that too !!

I just wanted to warn ya !! 🙂

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