Click the Pic Comments

Do you have something exceptionally snarky to add about one of my Click the Pic shots?

A funny caption maybe;

An astute observation that I have a booger hanging from my nose; or,

A complaint in general that I’m way too self absorbed.

Then post a comment !!! 🙂

Though remember, you might have to make a vague reference to the pic you’re commenting about, as this is only a temporary fix until I implement a more legitimate way to comment to my photo album.

Enjoy. 🙂

Let the mocking begin !!!

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  1. Getting a haircut again? Wow, I only visit them every half year … but then I want to grow it longer. It now reaches my shoulders but I want it just 4 inches longer. Which takes a while with heavely curling hair.

  2. Oh, do I get to be the first to say it this time?

    …afterall, its all about the “A”

    I just love imagining Amy wandering through life with her camera phone permanently stuck out in front of her. Clicking away at all things that amuse her wherever she goes. Someday someone will have to publish the complete photo works of the minute-by-minute life of Amy…

  3. Bad weather on your side of the big pond also. We are having heavy stormw, lot’s of rain and occasionally snow over here … brrr, it’s was a nightmare on the road today.

  4. Wasn’t it nuts out !!! I love windy days … they are too much fun in which to walk … the sudden gusts just keep trying to knock you down.

  5. 1544 bears a striking resemblance to “The Scream” by Edvard Munch! 🙂

    Seriously though… what kind of storm was that?

  6. I wish !!! No … I have no creative ability when it comes to anything like that … it was a thank you present from a professor whose class I spoke to the other day. 🙂

  7. wicked costume Amy! You could have been in that big battle wetween the Jedi and the Droids in the second movie… I can totally see it now! 🙂

  8. Amy,

    By one of your pics, it looks like remodeled your kitchen. I love it. If so, can you reveal how much $ it cost?

  9. Thanks Amy, I really, really need that alarm clock, can you imagine … today I overslept, I just slept right through my alarm clock (which was set to 5.30) …

  10. Jeesss … the last thing I feel like doing at 6 in the morning is jump around on my bed. The only thing on my mind is ‘get dressed’, ‘walk the dog’ and ‘drive to office’ … in that specific order, it won’t work the other way around. And at the office I rush to the coffee machine (still wearing my coat and such), that’s when I finally wake up.

  11. Amy i too am a dancing girl only i have my puppy look at me like i am nuts??? then she goes back to sleep…i must be boring her?have fun!!!!!! i do!!!

  12. Amy, do you really jump around singing in the morning? My God woman what are you on?

    I mumble in the morning. Sometimes coherently.

    I envy your boundless energy.
    Now someone hit this girl with a tranquilizer dart!

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