And The Confusion Continues

So I was in a court that I hardly ever practice in …

In fact,

I’m not sure the last time I’ve been to that court.

However today,

I was there.

And after doing some preliminary thangs,

I was meeting with the assistant prosecuting attorney,

Someone who I had never met before,

Making small talk until my client’s file was located.

He seemed like a nice guy.


After a bit,

Instead of bringing in the court file,

A court clerk walks in and says …

Amy. I was entering your Appearance and Joe’s name shows up.

Wow … I totally forgot about that still happening.

Oh yeah, it’s been a problem. This is correct, that’s my P number. It should be fixed the next update you get from the Bar.

Okay, this is yours then, right? Do you want me to just correct our records here?

Yes, that’d be great, thanks.

At which point the assistant prosecuting attorney pipes up with a laugh …

So … did you use to be Joe?

He clearly didn’t think that was ever a possibility.

But ever one not to lie,

I honestly answered,

With a smile and a smirk …

Sure !” 🙂

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  1. Can you hear a fart in an airlock? If there’s no one there to hear it?

    It’s sort of like this morning. It was so cold outside my words froze. I’ll have to wait until spring to hear what I said.

    laura a

  2. Hey, Amy, I won’t even mind the obscene pictures if I have the chance to see you. I won’t be at my best as far as a hostess, but it’s likely my appearance will be entertaining…… See if you can get that Kenna chic to come with ya.

    Gee, I never thought of myself as an inspiration before. (Head begins to swell). Usually I think I’m a source of amazement and amusement.

    laura a

  3. Awww Laura, thank you. But an inspiration ?? Come on … didn’t you mean to type “comedy relief”? 🙂

    Seriously though, don’t sell yourself short … each of us is an inspiration to someone else. Someone you don’t even know, who’s not even a transsexual, is looking at you and saying “wow, she had the strength to do that, I need to have similar strength here” and will end up doing good things after taking inspiration from you. Be a good person, fight the good fight, and if all else fails … watch a Monty Python flick ! 🙂

    I’ll see you in a few weeks when I drop in on you during your surgery recovery so I can write and draw embarassing things on your bandages.

  4. Amy,

    You’ve got more courage than me. I probably would have gotten so nervous and/or spilled my guts and outed myself.

    I think I get paranoid too easily and out myself prematurely, when, ultimately, I would not have needed to.

    So I admire you for carrying this off. You’re an inspiration!

    laura a

  5. Heck yeah …

    I totally laced the “Sure” with significant quantities of Amy-innocence and sweetness, combined with a bit of giggle in the voice and topped off with a mischevious sparkle in my eyes … he totally though I was just kidding with the answer. Plus he said he’d honk at me if he saw me walking around the neighborhood … turns out he is in my neck of the inner city fairly frequently. 🙂

  6. But the temptation was there, huh…

    Should I out myself, or not…

    I hate that BTW…it just changes the dynamics of most every relationship where its NOT common knowledge…

    I guess in court, you don’t have much of a choice..but there WILL be times when you do…and THATS when its tough…


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