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I’m actually in a good mood …


But I have a bunch of posts that I have to publish which sort of seem to make me appear bitchy, bitter or evil,

Maybe all three.

But honestly,

I’m not …


Yet. 🙂

And those descriptives really don’t reflect my current mood by any means.

Only my observations along the road here …

Of events in my transitioooooon.

And since one of my purposes of having my site is to chronicle my experiences …

I really sort of feel the need to post this stuff.

So …

Consider yourself warned ! 🙂

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  1. Face it. We are living your life vicariously with you, Amy. Tell us what you will; you shouldn’t worry what we think. Were’re here because we want to be.

    We come here to read what you have to say, not what you’ve edited to perfection, or jammed into some politically correct pidgeonhole.

    We ALL understand you are not absoLUTEly perfect, Amy, but love you anyway.

    Spit it out.


  2. Verbalize & Ventilate a cathartic way for you to say, I’ve paid my dues, I’ve borne my cross, if you can’t relate – then that’s your loss.

    Speak away Amy, speak away.

  3. Go for it girl! We can handle it. But if you make me cry……

    I don’t see you ever being evil, but transition sure can make one feel bitchy, angry, hurt, irritated, depressed, lonely, shy, and a couple dozen others…


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