New Viewers

Apparently word of my function is moving across the grapevine pretty quickly,

And a number of people from my real life have found

So I suppose I should welcome all the new visitors to my website …

Who are from my hometown.


I have to tell you …

It’s really sort of an uncomfortable feeling for me,

Finding out how many people that I know …

But really not that well,

Are getting to know me very well …

By reading my site.

A couple of times I’ve been like totally … eeeekk !!

Of course,

To calm that angst,

I’m telling myself …

Well, if they are reading this krap,

It just means they are interested in me and my life …

And hopefully they aren’t using any of what I post to hurt me in ways I really can’t imagine,

But to get a better understanding of what I’m going through and that this wasn’t a decision on a whim.

Which is a nice, juicy, rationalization if I do have to say so myself !! 🙂

But then I think again (which is never good :)),

That there are people I probably don’t know,

But might run into just walking down the street …

Or see at court,

In the mwall,

At the grocery store,

That might be poking around here,

Learning about the inner workings of the Amy-mind.

And that,

Phreaks me out.



I also think I’d be much less phreaked out,

If I at least knew you were reading …

About me,

My life,

My feelings,

And exploits.

So here’s the deal …

If you read my website and you see me in real life,

Then please …

Just walk up to me and nicely …



That way I’ll know you’ve read my website,

I get to have my ego stroked,


I’ll know that you’re also aware that I now like guys and, in what appears to be a behavior inconsistent with that feeling, have also recently been to a strip club

All without either one of us having to say it or guess about it.

Kewl, huh? 🙂

Seriously though …

Well, actually,

I am serious about the “ask me for my autograph” thing,

So I should say …

On a more serious note,

If any of you have questions,


Or thoughts …

Please just e-mail me.

I’m absolutely horrendous at returning e-mails promptly …

Ask any of my viewers,

Or cousins,

But I eventually do return them …

And getting your questions answered straight from me is well,

Kinda like an honor, isn’t it ?? 😉

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  1. Or just phone her up at regular intervals between 4-5 and 6 am her time. Using all available numbers. Here, i’ll even give your her cellphone number to get starte-

    *starts choking from a Vader-like grip*

  2. Amy,

    Oh, so that’s the key to getting my emails answered. I have to ask for your autograph. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?


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