Time to Vote

No … no … no …

I’m not suddenly getting political or anything,

(Well, actually, in real life I’m quite political, I’m just not so here at AmyNews.com.)

Anyways …

What I’m talking about are the 2004 Boston Music Awards !!!

Now I will never tell anyone for whom they should vote …


If you’d like to vote, you can do so here.

And in case your interested …

In select categories, I voted as follows:

Act of the YearHowie Day
Album of the Year (Major Label) – Howie Day, Stop All The World Now
Song of The YearHowie Day, Perfect Time of Day
Female VocalistKay Hanley (former lead from Letters To Cleo)

None of those votes should really be a surprise to any regular viewers !! 🙂

And on a related note,

Guess who (me) is going to see Howie Day (me) next month (me) !!!!!!! 🙂

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  1. Well, but for the obsession with HD at the current time …

    I would probably have voted the same as you for Song of the Year, I’m not that crazy about Perfect Time of Day, though Collide on the other hand is great.

    I simply adore Kay and in addition to having a great voice and writing strong songs, she’s an incredibly nice person, so I’ll vote Chicago style for her … but she’s got some tough competition this year, Kristin is a very worthy vote.

  2. Sorry Amy,

    I voted for Howie for Act of the Year, but he was up against my beloved Mission of Burma for his other nominations.

    Kay (who I love) was up against Kristin Hersh (who I love more, and still makes me cry when she sings, 18 years after I first heard “Hate My Way”) so I had to vote for Kristin.


  3. Opps … sorry. I forgot to link to Howie’s site, though I have corrected that in the post.

    I also did a brief summary in Miscellaneous Krap, Two.

    I just think he has an incredible raw, singing voice and his shows are a lot of fun. He does great covers of practically everyone and his own stuff just feels really pure as he hits the classic melancholy topics of “love, regret and loss.”

    In my mind, I consider him a male Lisa Loeb in songwriting and voice. (And I like Lisa Loeb.)

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