Plans, Interrupted

I was supposed to be on a plane right now getting ready to join Kenna and Laura for our weekend of drinking, laughing and mocking of others …


Tuesday night I found a very sizable growth on Indiana Jones Lando Calrissian which ended up rupturing,

So I spent a great deal of time in the doggie emergency room that night.

Over 4 hours to be exact …

Meaning it’s just like a human’s emergency room !! 🙂


They cleaned things up, took a look, gave me dog meds, and instructed me to get him to my vet.

And my vet met with me this morning …

At about the time I was supposed to be taking off.

Apparently Indy has a cyst that has to be removed …

And with any dog his age …

There’s a risk of surgery with the anesthesia and all.

So obviously I missed my flight,

And my plans for the weekend are kinda on hold …

While I take care of my pup.

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  1. Hey…you can’t have the bet if not going to be there to participate….though I could probably win it from here….


  2. Hey Clio !! I know … when ‘kenna told me you were going to be there … my ears certainly perked up … sounds like too much fun !! 🙂

    I’ve got to check some things out here first though … I have a friend who’s moving away and I’m not sure quite yet what night I’m going going to be buying him his farewell drinks …

    Update on Indy soon …

  3. Hey Amy – sorry to hear about Lando, hope he’s doing much better now. M is right – hop on a plane and join the Brit chic agus an cailb⮬ sure the crall be 90 🙂 ah go on, go on, go on, go on, go on………

    see you in 2 weeks….. somone has got to be totally objective about which guy buys one of you ladies the first drink (all in the interest of the bet you understand)

  4. Ok…for all of you regulars who are wondering about The Bet…well, Laura had a guy ask her whsat she wanted to drink. I was, of course, rather nervous for a moment, until he then looked over at me and asked me if I wanted anything too!

    I think the Bet still stands. No winner or loser.

    As far as Amy wan goes, she better get her plane reservations made for two weeks out…cause thats when I’m doing this whole party weekend thing again, this time with reinforcements from across the pond.

  5. I agree with Lolo … Pets are family and they deserved to be loved like people. I hope your furry little boy is feeling better real quick like and that his surgery goes well. HUGS to both you and Indy … and a tummy scratch for Indy.

  6. Quitcher bitchin’ and get yo’ ass on the next plane out here….Oh….and I hope Indy feels better soon….It’s no Fun drinking without you….actually, it’s plenty fun, but we could use some competition for the bet…..Anyways, we’re plenty inebriated, and it’s getting difficult to type….

    See you at the airport!!!

    Laura And ‘Kenna

  7. I’m sending all my best wishes your way.
    Pets are family and they deserved to be loved like people. I hope everything goes well.

  8. So sorry about your dog and the trip. Hope the dog gets better soon, and you get to join the other two troublemakers, uh, friends quickly. Give them both (and the dog) a hug for me.


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