Labor Day Saturday

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago the 4mm bisinal (I just made up that word, it’s really not an accurate descriptive, but hey … I never claimed to be a linguist ! :)) bumps I have on each side of my nose located about two-thirds of the way up between the tip of my nose and the bridge of my nose.

Despite the steps taken so far to encourage their departure,

The bumps remain.

Stubborn ones they are ! 🙂

So Wednesday,

When Dr. Z called me to see if there had been any improvement,

And I told him no …

We decided to take some more aggressive steps.

So right now,

We’re tentatively planning on him going back into my nose tomorrow and burring down the bumps.

It’ll be with a local …

And I’m thinking he’ll actually make two cuts on the outside of my nose to go in and burr things down …

Which makes me a little nervous,

As I really liked my post-surgery, bump-free, cut-free nose.

Though I’m really impressed with the follow-up care I’ve received from Dr. Z in response to these late-blooming bumps …

And his commitment to returning my nose to my bump-free liking.

Anyways …

That’s how I’m spending my Labor Day Saturday,

By driving to Chi-town, getting a little nose surgery, and driving back …

Hopefully you’re doing something more enjoyable:

That involves some warm and sunny weather,

A grill,

Some hamburgers,

Hanging with your favorite people,

And tossing back a few cold beers (or your beverage of choice) !!

Have a great end of summer Saturday ! 🙂

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  1. Amy-wan’s response to Laura’s comment about getting laid and having a steak dinner over the weekend …

    Please choose one of the following:

    A.) So we can safely say you had your share of meat this weekend, huh?

    B.) Would that be a tube steak?

    C.) Ahhh heck, that’s all I got for this one, there is no C. 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t miss seeing you two in NYC for the world, babe….But as for the bet, I may have to serve as the official judge and timekeeper…Though a lot can happen between now and then, and I do plan on being very, very, drunk…

  3. Laura!

    What do you mean you MAY be out of the bet? You not coming to NYC or something?

    And no, having sex AND a steak is not the same the BET…FUN, no doubt, but not the same…

    Give it up girl.


  4. Regardless of the status of Amy’s schnozz, it looks like you two both may be sharing an advantage…..I may be out of the BET….but don’t cry for me, considering this weekend I got laid AND had a steak dinner….:-)

    Take care, Amy….see you in a bit…and feel free to change the countdown on side column…you’re confusing the masses (not to mention myself)…


  5. Sounds liek you made it home safe…although taking pictures of you and me talking while you are driving does NOT sound like a sane thing to do

    Well, I sure hope it heals up, cause I do NOT want to have an artificial advantage with the BET…especially when its less then a MONTH away.

    Be good, heal up, and post when you’re felling up to it.


  6. Hey all !!! 🙂

    I’m back home … and feeling better. However I have no idea how the nose looks … it’s all taped up again and hurts like the beejeebers to even lightly touch.

    It was more involved than I expected, but Dr. Z took great care of me. Though I have been reminned of a valuable lesson learned long ago … always listen to Mom. My mom wanted to go with me today to drive me back afterwards, and trust me … I should have listened to Mom !! I was pretty dorked up for a bit after the work.

    More of an update tomorrow … for now,

    I … need … sleep !! 🙂

  7. it’s summer?
    i guess i should put that new calendar up…

    if i understand you correctly,
    you’re saying that when it comes to complete
    care after the surgery,
    Dr. Z wins by a nose?

    see, i’m the cunning–oh, wait…
    your blog’s not rated R


  8. Oh oh on the nose…..lemme kno how it turns out as that’s one of the procedures I’m gonna have with the good Doctor. Enjoy the end of the summer, just FYI – temprature here today is a very hot 21 C (almost 70 F….damn that’s hot) – out come the Linen bit n bobs again!!!!



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