GMail Invites

Taking a lesson from Geoffrey, the really sweet guy that gave me my invite for a gmail account

I’ve got 5 invites just sitting there.

I think they are rather easy to get now, but if you’d like one,

Just e-mail me with your first name, last name, the e-mail address to which you want the invite sent, how you like your hamburgers cooked and what you like on them.

(The last two items really aren’t necessary for the gmail account, but if I ever have an cookout, it’s good to know how you like your burgers ! 🙂 As far as your first name and last name, I understand the whole privacy concern things, so I really don’t care if you give me your real names or not. Besides, it’s not like would ever know, so just do whatever makes you feel comfortable ! :))

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  1. Bored ??? Bored ?? And here I was thinking you found me entertaining and interesting !! lol 😛 🙂

    Though personally … between talking opinions of substance here or playing WWIIOL … I’d choose the latter too !! 🙂

  2. I never understood that. I may get active in laws, policies, or amendments that affect my community that I agree/disagree with, but it bothers me when people individualize it.

    For example:

    People may oppose laws that involve transsexuals or homosexuals like marriage, licenses, benefits, etc. That’s their right. People have the right/obligation to mold their community. But it pisses me off when it filters to the individual level. One on one, people are people. We have a right to be individuals and to conduct ourselves within the confines of the law and good citizenship as we see fit. Attacking or judging someone personally for the life decisions they make really bothers me for some reason.

  3. Without a doubt … your posts always make me think … or laugh, the story where you had the accident in your pants is the all-time funniest story I’ve ever heard … followed closely by the southern hair trimming experience …

    Gordo on the other hand … whew … he’s extreme.

    Yeah … I’ve noticed I’m not linked on your site,

    I appreciate that you let me be a stealth reader … every now and then I somehow get the attention of some coalition website that finds “my type” undesirable … it’s amazing the hatred lil’ o’ me can apparently generate.

  4. Probably both. I’m honest, but Gordon is much further to the right than I am. He has to be responsible for at least half the deaths of your readers.

    That’s why I’ve never linked your site on my page. The last thing you need is some of my Religious Right Whackos over here.

    I shudder at the thought.

  5. ROFLMAO Yeah … I know !!

    Though the big question is …

    Do they have a coronary because of the stuff you write …

    Or because I’m such a fan of yours? 🙂

  6. hmm…gmail…sort of like Girl mail…I like it…

    I’ll take my burger as a doule beef, L&T, katsup and onion, on a hard roll, medium rare please…
    Mayo on the side…



  7. i was invited previously,
    but my computer can’t handle 128-bit encryption,
    or something like that…
    actually, boca burger,
    with onion, some lettuce, some mustard,
    preferably on a whole wheat bun…

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