Kenna at One Month Post FFS

The third most Frequently Asked Question I’ve been posed this past month (the first still being … Is that your real hair? (yes) and the second being something along the lines of whether or not I’m going to post “before/after” type pictures of my breast surgery (maybe, but not the type of pictures I’m being asked for)) is …

How’s Kenna doing?

She’s doing much, much better ! Yay !!! Thanks for asking. 🙂

She had some excitement recently after getting an infection with her cheek implants, but she’s recovered with flying colors. Her attitude has improved considerably, swelling and bruising has diminished substantially and she’s now back to work. Her Superstar brother Greg is still keeping an eye on her, but also reports she is doing well and looks great ! 🙂

I gabbed with her on Saturday and she sounded just like the ‘kenna we’re all used to hearing from … even sharing a nice, affirming “getting attention from boys” incident she had recently !! 🙂

She’ll have some ups and downs yet … as it takes a while to start getting used to things … the new look, the new feelings and sensations, the emotional ups and downs … but she definitely got some great results, so I think she’ll find the pain and discomfort well worth it in the long run ! 🙂

Anyways, her and Greg are still posting updates on occasion here and here

And she recently sent me a 4-week post-op pic, which she said I could post and you can see here.

Bitch kute, huh ?? I know, it annoys me too, but what can you do ! 🙂

(Editor’s Note: Next time smile ‘kenna !! That picture too closely resembles that dismayed look you display when I’m running late because I have to iron “just one more thing”.)

Oh well, at least it looks like she’ll be in great shape in a little more than a month when her, Laura and I see what mischief we can create during our upcoming GNO to be held in NYC. Wooo hooo !! 🙂

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  1. You three keep me laughing. I can’t imagine how anyone keeps up with you. Amazing combo: beauty, intelligence, and wickedly funny senses of humor. Is NY ready for you?

  2. uh…well…we were gonna tell you, but we had so much fun just watching you that we forgot. Besides, Laura said we could make more if we didn’t tell you.


  3. Ok you guys…

    First, Amy-wan…there is no way in hell you’re going to be on any sidelines with those “gals” of yours. I have a face; you have a face and a body!

    Laura…that teeth comment. Sounds like you know from experience! Oh…and I was under the impression that we were like $2.00 harlots. Since when did YOU get a raise to $3.00? You been holding out on us or something?

    Clio! Oh fer chrise sakes…I don’t look THAT good (well, maybe I do but I’m s’possed to downplay it) Its amazing what a bucket of money can buy you these days…You’ll see after you spend YOUR bucket of money.

    Danna…if you ever come to NYC, I can assure you that it won’t be as some elderly lady…it will be more like “experienced accomplice”…

    Oh…and Stacy…I love having a Patron Saint!



  4. Well….I could say M looks great but I’d by telling a big, fat porker – she looks fantastic and I’d have to agree with Danna – the 3 of you are simply beautiful – Enjoy the sights with M when you visit her in a few weeks, I think the only problem y’all are going to have is too many cute guys and not enough time….don’t wear her out though, the Europeans are coming over in October 🙂


  5. Laura,

    Was planning on charging at least $4; this transitioning is expensive and a girl’s gotta have some new, really slutty outfits, ya know.


  6. And Danna….don’t despair….your time for skanking around New York like a three-dollar harlot will come soon enough….until then…just keep reaching for the stars….

  7. Wow….nice lips on the two of you….Now if you both get your teeth removed, I’ll really be out of the competition….:-)


  8. Makenna, Amy, and Laura,

    All three of you are so beautiful. I think you should bring me along for the serious sympathy vote. You know, “Wow, you three are gorgeous, but what’s with the old lady? Isn’t it nice that you’d bring her out of the old folks home for an evening on the town.”

  9. Yuhp … I published the post at 4:00 am !! 🙂 I’ve still got that insomnia thing … grrrrr ! 🙂

    Why do you think I was trying to bribe Dr. Z into putting her nose on backwards or something … she was phreaking kute before, now she’s just darnright adorable …

    Trust me, I know my place … just sit off to the side while Makenna and Laura work the room and hope that I can get some sympathy freebie drinks from the bartender while they do their thang !

  10. Hey, don’t sell yourself short. SOME people (I’m not mentioning any names) might not even need the girls to be serious hottie.

  11. makenna and amy are having a contest to see who is the hottest……I can’t choose. Looks like a draw to me. Awesome ladies!

  12. Did you really post this update at 4:00 in the morning? What the heck were you doing staring at your computer at that time of the morning?

    (and I thought I had trouble sleeping…)



  13. I know !! *snicker* *snicker*

    Yes, it totally does take a while for it to lips to feel operational again … between the phat injections and the lip lift.

    My upper lip still feels a bit strange when I try to open my mouth to much, or offer a goofier smile than I normally deliver ! 🙂

  14. I AM smiling…:-)

    BTW my lips don’t move like they used to…so I’ve got to relearn how to do it. Didn’t that happen to you Amy?


  15. that’s the sort of thing
    that brightens a patron saint’s day…

    i’ve always wondered–
    what are flying colours?
    wouldn’t they be wild blue yonder?
    and the smile–
    doesn’t it take a while
    before you can smile
    without worrying about your face breaking?

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