Friday Five for July 9, 2004

So anyways … the old Friday Five ceased publication on the May 6, 2004. Which to me was sort of a bummer, because though I often mocked them for being lame questions … it was something sorta regular to do while I was awake in the wee early morning hours of each Friday as I was dealing with my lovely insomnia.

Well … this morning, around 2:00 AM or so, as I was watching stuff that I had TIVO’d earlier … I decided to Google and see if anyone had come up with a replacement … which low and behold … someone had !! 🙂 Actually, several replacements … here, and here, and here.

Unfortunately, none of them had posted their five questions for the week …

So I started writing an e-mail to this nice guy that I’ve owed a response to for about two weeks, but haven’t answered yet because of the whole boob job thing and follow-up trip to Chicago and post-boob-job blues …

However, as I was drafting my response (that’s some legal-ese there kids) … I decided that I was going to also start an Inside Amy’s Inbox, cont. post, using some of the answers I was giving in the e-mail … because he asked me some of the best questiooooons I’ve ever been asked related to my transsexualism. (On a side note, though I haven’t finished my response to him yet, I most certainly will, because in addition to asking really good questioooooons, he also made me laugh out loud twice in one e-mail, so it certainly warrants a proper response ! :))

But then I got distracted by a show I was watching about the Laci Peterson trial. (Amy’s take on the Laci Peterson trial … He did it. Killed her the night before and dumped her body the night before, which is contrary to the prosecution’s current theory that he dumped her body the next day when he drove up to go fishing on Christmas Eve. There is no way he could have dumped her the next day, in daylight, without being seen, or that he’d be foolish enough to take that risk. All the driving he did the next day to “go fishing”, was just building his alibi … she had already been dumped the night before and he was building a paper trail of where he had been. Why then did he drive back to the same place the next day to build his paper trail, why didn’t he build it someplace else away from the body? Because since he dumped it in the middle of the night, when it was dark and he couldn’t see well, he wanted to make sure that all had went as planned, and the body stayed submerged. His natural curiousity got him to drive back there to check it out, he knew that he should go someplace else, but hey … he had just killed his wife, so he was trying to figure out how to save his skin. If he saw something floating or police cars and the such in the general area … he’d have known something went wrong and have been long gone !! Can you say Mexico? (Canada would have been another option for him, but was a longer drive.) So … why do you think this Amy?? Why pray tell? Because of his fishing license … you see … in California, you can buy this fill-in-the-dates yourself 2-day fishing license. You buy them in advance, and before you go fishing, you write in the two concurrent days that you are going to be using it and sign it. Previously, Scott had said he decided the morning of the 24th to go fishing, instead of golfing as he had planned. Yet, take a look at his fishing license … see, he wrote it in for the 23rd and the 24th. There was no reason to put the 23rd, since if it happened as he said, it was already the 24th before he decided to go fishing … and give me a break, he knew it was Christmas Eve, which everyone knows is the 24th … so it wasn’t like he accidentally wrote the wrong dates. He wrote the 23rd, so that if he was for some gawd-forsaken reason stopped in the middle of the night and was asked by someone in authority for his fishing license … he could pull it out and not get busted on a technically of sort … causing the person to start snooping around and finding a body in his fishing boat. Whew … is that a rant or is that a rant ?? lol Anyways, that’s my take on it, but then again, I could be wrong. 🙂 Regardless, I am really glad to hear defense counsel is kicking butt so far … though the trial is far from over, this is a reasonable doubt case, which are the types of criminal cases where a good defense counsel or subpar prosecutor can make a big difference … go defense counsel !! My current prediction … if the prosecutor notches it up a bit, this is going to be a close one. Otherwise, he walks. And don’t think just because I like seeing someone have their rights zealously defended, doesn’t mean that I hope he doesn’t get convicted.

Anyways … back to the reason why we are here today …

By the time I got back around to writing my post, I found that the sites with Friday Five-type questions had been updated for the week.

So … this weeks NEW Friday Five (which for those wondering, the Friday Five are just a set of 5, cinco, five, V, 101 questions … that someone on some website out in the internet universe posts each Friday for butts like me to answer and publish on their personal websites) follows:

Editor’s Legal Staff Disclaimer: Amy decided to go with this set of questions … only because she found them more interesting than the other questions posed this week at the other sites. She, by no means, is committing to only using the set of questions from this site every week, and reserves her option to be fickle and pick whatever questions she likes the best each and every week. So there. 🙂

Friday Five

1) Do you remember your first kiss? Duh … of course I do !! 🙂

2) How old were you when you had your first kiss? Heh, I was 6.

3) Where did your first kiss occur?

The storage shed at Hickey-Butt’s house. One day some of the guys dared me and this one girl, who shall remain nameless, yet whose name I definitely remember, to kiss each other. We said sure, but that they couldn’t watch … we went into the storage shed at Hickey-Butt’s house, closed the door, and kissed. Actually, I think we ended up kissing a few more times after that … in public because they didn’t believe us that we actually kissed.

Now as far as why my one friend whose shed we used was called Hickey-Butt … well, we called him Hickey-Butt because, seriously … even for being a 6 year old, who really wasn’t fat at all, he had this really, really big butt !! HUGE !!!! PHREAKING HUGE !!! And … he also had this fairly sizable mole (moley, moley, moley) on his neck. I’m not sure which one of us coined the nickname … but we basically just combined his really big butt with this permanent hicky on his neck and poof … he was Hickey-Butt. Even though he was a decent guy … and his mom was always nice to us, we thought it was really funny way back then, and ya know what … now that I think about it … it’s still funny !! 🙂

4) Where do you think is the most romantic place to exchange a kiss? (locations, not body parts)

Seriously people, if there is one thing you should of learned about me by now … is that discrete intimate moments in quasi-public places is like one of my biggest turn-ons. And while I’m totally not into pda of any sort (public displays of affectiooooon) … ahh, except for this particular incidence – cause really, that was the first time anything like that ever happened, really 😉 … stealing a kiss or sneaking in a kiss with a special someone in a private location, even if private only by momentary timing, while there is a risk of sort to being encountered … is the most romantic of romantic kisses to me.

And for example,

May take place …

In the hallway of a hotel where my boyfriend/husband’s company is having its holiday party and we are all gussied up in our party duds and able to steal a kiss with one another while alone in the elevator (except for the video camera) just before the doors open to find my boyfriend/husband’s boss waiting to take the elevator down to the party; or,

In the parking lot on a Fall day, at dusk, with my back pressed against the car door while my boyfriend/husband and I enjoy a minute together alone savoring a kiss before others arrive at the post-game tailgate; or,

In an office building floor in the middle of construction, dimly lit, after sneaking up the stairwell ….. with shadows and open area everywhere ….. where we engage in lots and lots of kissing. (Sound familiar, check out number 61?)

Something like that … get the idea??

You see, for me

A romantic kiss is more a feeling,

A moment …

Not a specific location.

Ahhh, future boyfriends/husband … are you taking notes ?? 🙂

5) What type of kisser are you? (peck, smooch, French, sloppy, etc.)

Well, first of all … simply said, I’m a damn good kisser, so let’s just accept that first and foremost as the most important answer to this question. However, I will readily admit, I wasn’t always … kissing, like everything, takes practice ! 🙂

Anyways … I am NOT a sloppy kisser. If I wanted a slobbering, sloppy, wet kiss, I’d kiss a St. Bernard … and if I wouldn’t like kissing such a mess, I can’t imagine my boyfriend/husband/victim liking such a kiss.

And let us not forget … I hate all things French, so I’m not about to engage in any traditional French kissing of the sort where I’m shoving my tongue in some guy’s mouth or he’s sticking his tongue down my throat, if you do that to me then you’ll quickly find yourself writing me off as a poor investment of the cost of a Coor’s Light. No … I much prefer that tongue actiooooon be proceded with moments of brief tongue flirtering and flirting … touching one another and then pulling away … leading to a moment where our tongues will engage for a more prolonged period, but not so long as to become a sloppy, slobbering, wet kiss.

I’m also not much of a pecker (hehe, that’s sorta funny, isn’t it) … peck kissing is for friends. And though there are a few situations where I do the peck kiss on the cheek or lips with friends, I’m much more of a hugger than a kisser with friends, so you don’t see me pecking much, and definitely not with a boyfriend/husband.

No …

Even if it’s just a quick kiss goodbye,

I’m more of a smoocher in that respect, than a pecker. Seriously, if I’m going to give my special someone a kiss, it has to last long enough for them to savor that they are getting a kiss from me … and though the difference between a peck and a quick smooth is only maybe a second, or fraction thereof, it’s enough to remind them they are kissing me … and not engaging in nothing more than a wave goodbye.

However …

If you want to get technical about it …

Overall, I would consider myself a slow kisser.

I like to kiss softly and slowly,

Pulling back on occasion to look in one another’s eyes, and

Feel each other’s breath.

I like to press firmly and then gently tug on his lower lip with my teeth, letting it slip away, and once again pull back.

I’ll toss in a few of my tongue flirting actions and then continue to softly just kiss him on the lips …

Tenderly, and

Tossing in a barely audible moan every now and then.

I’ll usually clearly share a smile while kissing …

Then end with a quick smooth.

And that’s …

The type of kisser I am. 🙂

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One Comment

  1. Amy…, nobody has commented on this post…until now, that is.

    First of all, I have to agree with you on the kiss – a romantic kiss is certainly more of a feeling or a moment, in fact, I’d prolly put it in the same category as watching a really beautiful movie – it creates a feeling of…..well….warmth, intimacy, closeness….how do you articulate something that’s difficult to articulate, how do you convey a feeling or emotion….difficult. Good questions though.

    So – the Laci Perterson trial. I followed some of your URL’s and hit the Fox news channel to get some of the daily courtTV feedback on how the trial is going.

    Okay – from a non-legal-I-live-in-Ireland-anddontprofesstoknowjackabouttheUSlegalsystem-POV, here’s my take (for what it’s worth).

    It’s evident that Scott Peterson is / was hiding something……

    His refusal to take a polygraph…..

    His general demeanor at the 31st Dec vigil for his pregnant wife showed someone who was laughing and smiling, given his heavily pregnant wife had been missing since 23/24th December – it doesn’t fit……

    I can’t imagine anyone who would go fishing on Christmas Eve as he claims he was, further, he has a wife who is 7 1/2 months pregnant with their first child – sound contrived.

    The fact that he came home, saw his wife’s bag, car keys and phone on the table, didn’t call out her name, didn’t think it was odd that she wasn’t there. What woman doesn’t take at least her cell phone with her when she goes to a neighbors house? What wife doesn’t at least write a note saying where she’s gone.

    He takes out a life insurance policy for $250K shortly before her disappearance and he’s got a girlfriend.

    So this is what I think. I think the fishing license was a ruse. I think he was using it as a means by which to throw off the police and anyone else who might have suspected him in the disappearance. Let

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