Amy Update

Come on people …

Do you seriously think I could actually go three posts without one of them being about me ??

It’s just not possible !! πŸ™‚

So anyways …

Here I am,

Staring in the sun,

With a camera,

Laying in the grass, and …

On my back !


Probably likely I’ll end up in such a position again sometime in my future, huh ?? πŸ™‚

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  1. Just the picture … put a natal girl on her back, head tilted like that and you’ll see the same. The results from my tracheal shave are wonderful I think … nothing noticeable there or out of the natal norm at all. If there was … I’d let people know.

  2. Yes you might actually end up in that position again (and hopefully with the same enormous smile!)


    PS: Was that a M comment I just saw? Hope you’re feeling better!

  3. “Probably likely I’ll end up in such a position again sometime in my future, huh ?? :)”

    a good possibility. let it happen, and it just might.


  4. I still think this is one of the silliest pictures of Amy I’ve ever seen!

    And, it’s one of my favorite pictures too, because she’s just soooo cute in it! That silly grin is such a killer.

    Hope you’re feeling better, hon!


  5. You’re looking so much better. I am sorry I haven’t been in contact, but I have been thinking about you constantly and feeling great empathy for your pain. Please know that I love you and just because I haven’t been around, you are totally in my thoughts – Love, Sister (some sister I’ve been, right!)

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