Elevator Shoes

I had never met my afternoon client until today.

It was a court appointed case,

So that’s not unusual.

Now though my client was a little rough.

I liked him.

Seemed like a good sincere guy,

And I could tell …

He understood the concept of loyalty.

Plus, he liked my jokes.

Or at least pretended to,

Which really may be why I liked him.

Anyways, we worked a plea that was a little better than I expected and definitely better than he expected …

So we were pleased when we approached the elevator to take him down to pre-sentencing.

There were three of us that entered the elevator …

Me, my client and another person neither of us knew.

Which floor sir?” I asked the person neither of us knew, after pressing our button for the 2nd floor.


Okay, well, this elevator is going down, so when we get to 2, then you can press 8, it won’t take it otherwise. You’ll have to wait until we get to 2. Sorry about that.

Yeah. Hey, I bet I can tell you where you got your shoes,” he said with an edge.

Now … give me a break folks, I know the answer, I should have seen it coming, but I’ve been working my ass off the past few weeks … I’m exhausted. So I bit.

Really, where?” I said as the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened.

On your feet !!! ROFLMAO” He exclaimed, enjoying his humor while my client and I stepped off the elevator.

Good one,” I said without much sincerity, while the elevator doors closed.

Hey, Mr. Hairdy,” my client said as he spoke for the first time since we got in the elevator, “if you want me to, I’ll go kick that phucker’s ass for you.

LOL I knew I liked this client for a reason !! LOL

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  1. Most of my practice is in the area of criminal defense … the basics: controlled substance issues, alcohol-related driving offenses, people trying to beat each other up, people trying to beat each other up really bad, people trying to beat each other up to a point just shy of murder, people trying to burn things down, people trying to run people over with cars, people borrowing other people’s cars without permission, people borrowing other people’s money without permission, and … 🙂

  2. Hello Amies, what kind of clients do you have sweetie? That’s phreakin way too funny! It doesn’t sound like he will be getting any rehab from the life of crime…

    That must of felt pretty good to know there was someone ready to kick some ass for you! And you were doing boy…. he probably wouldn’t have bothered to ask if you were presenting Amy. Just went and done the guy in your honor.
    Still laughing…. Aleta.

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