Amanda and Nicole – Day 1

Well …

Friday was my first day home after receiving my two new additions.

Well, late Thursday night, early Friday morning …

However you want to count it.

I think I fell asleep around 1:00 a.m. …

And though not sleeping soundly,

I had a fairly decent set of sleep consisting of 3 hours on,

A few hours off,

And then a bit more snoozage.

Pretty much my standard operating procedure.

Now throughout round of surgery …

Mom gets super mom props.

Bright and early,

On Day 1,

She arrived at my house to make me breakfast,

Mmmmmm …. scrambled eggs, and just the way I like them ! 🙂

Of course, she checked to make sure I was okay,

And then helped clean me up …

Which I desparately needed.

She scrubbed off some of the remnant blood crusting I had here and there,

Cleaned up the stitches underneath my nose as part of my upper lip lift,

Added the antibiotic creme for moisturizing,

Along with the petroleum jelly to my lips.

Finally combed out my hair, which it desparately needed.

Despite feeling like krap,

Her kind compliments about how I looked certainly helped improve the spirits.

She specifically had nice words to say about the upper lip lift Dr. Z did on me,

Which I have to agree …

Though such a small thing,

Really seems to be a nice touch.

Super thanks Mom ! 🙂


Mom left and I sort of did a little work from my house,

And slept off and on …

Until around 2:00 p.m. when she came back again to check in on me.

By this time,

I was starting to feel pretty yucky,

But it was going to be another 2 days before I could shower again and I was sure not enjoying this part of the post surgery tortune.

Now as far as the results of the surgery go …

The healthy increase in my lip size as a result from the fat grafting,

Seems to attract everyone’s attention.

Now yes, the lips are much bigger,

But other than being a pain in the butt to keep moist and soft,

They really don’t hurt that much.

Except there does seem to be a bit of occasionally painful pulling along one of the stitches underneath my nose when I move my upper lip too quickly.

Usually only happens when I’m talking or eating though,

Which as we all know,

Is something I rarely do !! 😉

Anyways, fat grafting fades like crazy, and …

By the time you see the Day 4 pictures,

They’ll have diminished in size substantially.

Now as far as Amanda and Nicole go …

Most people probably wouldn’t even notice the change in boobage,

As they really aren’t that much different in size than the falsies I had made part of my normal attire.

However, if you want to get technical about it … Amanda and Nicole really are bigger than the previous falsies I was using. I’m sure some of it is just that they are bigger in size, but there is probably a component of swelling which probably adds to the new massness on my chest.

Anyways on Day 1, they were still all bandaged up and taped down,

So I still hadn’t seen what they looked like …

Other than reminding me of …

What I would look like if I had a loaf of Wonder bread horizontally attached to my chest.

However, they are still very sore.

I feel a pretty extreme tightness across both breasts,

And I can clearly feel my underlying muscles have been somewhat strained to accommodate the twins.

However, but for the tightness …

There really isn’t much pain at all.

And I seem to be able to take full breaths without any particular discomfort.

As of Day 1,

I’m down to taking one Vicodin every eight hours and only took a Valium when I went to sleep. However, I am being a good patient and still taking religiously the antiswelling and antibiotic medication Dr. Z prescribed.

Anyways …

Here’s the Day 1 pic for your mocking pleasure !! 🙂


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  1. Well Amy, you look a LOT better today than yesterday. Hope the pain meds are working and you get a shower soon.

    (Can your mom adopt me please?)

    Get well soon.


  2. Amy: I’ll bet there are a few folks out there who would love to be there to watch how much fun it will be for you while they remove all that tape/binding.

  3. Cripes!!!! Good Lord Amy – hope you’re feeling at least a bit better than you were – I’m not mocking but that looks painful (duh – says Cl

  4. Amy,

    In addition to royalties, I insist on proper acknowledgement, so that the remainder of the free world can also recognize such incredible intelligence.

  5. Ouch !! ROFLMAO Bad puns hurt in more ways than just one now !!!! 🙂 LOL

    By the way … I totally intend to use that pun someday in the future myself, I’ll make sure I pay you the proper royalties !! 🙂

  6. Amy,

    It’s good that you finally told us what was going on with you. It’s good to make a clean breast of things.

  7. I’m so proud of you, and how you’ve handled all of your surgeries. And, how you’ve handled all this moving forward stuff. You’ve moved at a pace that is right for you, that fits your needs, and has let those around you feel comfortable, too.

    Skipper and your Mom obviously rock totally! They are cool beyond cool. I was very lucky with my own friends and family, and they were totally cool with what I had to do. I did lose very few people in the entire process, which is what it sounds like has happened to you. You must be a great part of a lot of people’s lives, and they’re not willing to give up any part of you. Maybe they’re seeing that your becoming even a happier, more wonderful person. They’re just going to love having Amy around!

    Big Hugzz!!!!
    Lisa iMom

  8. Is your mom for hire? She sounds like wsomeone I could use BIGTIME…

    Yep…your lips do look smaller (yea..right)…just keep saying that…

    and that top you’re wearing. I wouldn’t plan on wearing THAT when you come east. Not a particularly flattering bra..

    Feel better gf…you’re gonna look H

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