Talking With Boys

Despite the fact that I like men,

94.3% of the time,

When I’m interacting with 98.2% of the male population,

They totally frustrate me.

I knew it was coming,

I knew it was to be expected, and

I knew it was inevitable.

But at the same time,

It’s still incredibly irritating …

How practically anything I now say when talking to a guy is either …

1. Challenged … “That’s not right“, “You’re wrong“, “You don’t know what you’re talking about“;

2. Questioned for the Obvious … “Do you even have gas in the car?”, “Are you sure you didn’t leave it unlocked?“, “Did you, maybe, think of just looking on your desk?“;

3. Criticized … “That was stupid“, “What were you thinking?“, “Why would you even think that would work?“; or,

4. Simply ignored … “No, you never said that.“, “If you would have mentioned that, I’m sure I’d remember.“, “You’re imagining things.

Now this is not meant to be offensive or critical of men.

It’s just the way it is,


Well …

They are guys.

*shrug* 🙂

And I do take a certain amount of pride in this changed discourse I am experiencing.

It’s really affirming that men I encounter,

Accept me and treat me like they do most every other woman in their lives.

However …

That doesn’t mean being treated like most men seem to treat women in their lives isn’t extremely annoying.


I’m really in a Catch-22 when even commenting about it.

Because …

In some ways it feels so superficial even mentioning it that I don’t want to waste credibility with my girl friends on such a topic,

But when I talk to some of the not-so-close-female friends they just roll their eyes and convey the “Duh, you asked for it by having the sex change so deal with it” look.

And I sure can’t mention it to most of my guy friends.

Because, well …

Please reference the aforementioned points 1 – 4. (The third quote under point 4 is the most frequently used, but it’s not like I’m keeping track :)).

Now granted,

I am lucky in many ways …

Hottie and Miss Daisy always speak to me as if I still have a brain, with respect, and as if they are actually paying attention to the conversation.

Heck, I even got to talk about golf last night, something that I have to admit, I’m sorta having withdrawals about … thank you Hottie !!

And most of my other guy friends,

Are fairly decent in the way they talk with women,

Which makes them fairly decent in the way they twalk with me.

But there’s no doubt …

Even with many of them,

They talk with me in a manner that is totally different that they did in the past.

It’s wild.

There’s really no point to this post,

(Go ahead, ya’ll can do the collective … “as if there ever is?” :))

I’m simply making an observation.

Besides, it’s really not too bad …

I’ve found the Jedi-mind trick works very well on most men,

For obvious reasons ! 🙂

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  1. A small observation. Guys say those things to guys too. Just when a guy hears it there is little or no emotional effect…only words plus estrogene = words matter and create emotional reaction.

    Think perhaps the hrt is doing exciting things to the brain 🙂

  2. Hmmmm, interesting … I hadn’t thought of that. That might have some merit. However, it’s not an option. 🙂

  3. One of the important aspects of transition is learning to make the system work, as a woman. Different rules. Different game.

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