I’m The Number … huh?

I’m interpreting it to mean that for the most part …

I’m low maintenance !

So there !! 🙂

I am the Natural Number

I go with the flow

what number are you?

this quiz by orsa

(Not to sound stoopid or anything, but I honestly had no clue that e was a natural number. Heck, I’m still hung up on the whole “Is 0 a Natural number?debate.)

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  1. I don’t exist either Makenna, so much for meeting people at parties.

    That does explain why someone ran into me this morning though…

  2. You don’t really exist ?? Great … so next weekend when I’m laughing my butt off and getting drunk with you … people with think I’m just drinking alone and laughing all by myself …

    Hmmmmpphh … typical Friday night for me !! 🙂

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