Mwore Mamma Mia!

I’m in the midst of a journaling block … I’ve got like a half dozen or more posts that I just can’t finish.

Now … I’m not a writer by any means, I just punch keys … and spew forth what I’m feeling at any given moment … I journal to sort through my feelings and thoughts … and I suppose I post it publicly because I love attention, but that’s a personality issue of mine to be addressed another day. 🙂

Anyways … I think I’m blocked because I’m in this …

Void of feeling oddness.

I’m feeling some major impatience … a decent dosage of outright fear … a healthy quantity of excitement … an unfortunate level of sadness … the typical irritatingly high volumes of Amy-optimism and confidence … the reality of loneliness … and a dash or two of contentment …

Now what’s happening with feeling all of these feelings at the exact same time … is that they are sort of bottlenecking … and very little is getting through … leaving me with this …

Void of feeling oddness.

Anyways … keying this seems to have helped me … so hopefully I’ll be able to finish the posts that I have started … but in the meantime … I’ll do what I always do when I’m stumped … amuze myself with a quiz !!!! Thanks to Robin for e-mailing me this one !!


Which song from Mamma Mia! are you?
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  1. I am Mamma Mia!

    “Mamma Mis is indubitably one of the favorite songs from this musical, Everyone loves you. You are fun, jumpy, and a definite sing along. Although you are loved, people little realize another part of you, your lyrics. You have the perfect lyrics, fun to sing along to, as well as meaning something!”


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