Minature GNO

The GNO (Gender Night Out) scheduled for last weekend got all doinked up because of a wedding that Sister had to attend …

Oh yeah … good luck to the happy couple. Whatever. 🙂

As a result Sister nor Miss Daisy could make the drinking festivities … which totally blew …

Because things are always more fun when all of The UnUsual Suspects are together. 🙂

But anyways … Singer and Hottie were still on the docket to congregate together at some point … which was making me happy !! 🙂

Though even those plans got interrupted.

We had originally planned on getting together around 6:00ish …

But Singer ended up having to meet a friend of her’s … a friend of her’s who I’ve known for several years through Singer … that did not know of my function.

Which raised the question … do we tell her my scoop,

Or do we call off the plans to include me in hanging out for the evening?

Now this was a real issue, because on one hand, I was hesitant to let this particular disclosure take place,

While on the other hand,

I knew that I was in such a way that I was going to go out regardless of whether I was able to hook up with The UnUsual Suspects.

And that might not have been a good thing.

So Singer and I discussed the options … if Singer’s friend was going to just hang out for dinner … then I’d just plan on meeting up with them a few hours later after she left …

But if she was going to spend most of the night out … then either I had to beg off … not go out … or she had to be told.

So Singer and I talked about it … she felt it was a safe disclosure … me on the other hand … well, I felt it was one of the more riskier ones … but at this point … I was willing to let Singer make the cwall …

We left it that she’d play it by ear and contact me a bit later with the agenda for the night …

In the meantime … I was supposed to call Hottie, find out where he was and what his arrival plans were.

It was about 6:00 ish at this point … and I needed to get ready.

Which fortunately … only meant pulling on a different pair of jeans and top … and touching up my eye make-up … so I was ready by 6:15 pm to go. Lazy-Amy strikes again !!!! 🙂

But Enterprise was on … so I had to watch that for a few minutes … and finally called Hottie around 6:40 pm or so … though I only got his voicemail and left a message for him to call me with the scoop for the night.

Then there was utter and complete mobile silence until after 8:00 pm … which really didn’t cause me any concern … sometimes the Away Team loses contact for a while … it’s been known to happen amongst us on more than one occasiooooon.

But I was incredibly antsy.

So I just decided to head out … go someplace and wait to hear from them.

Though while in transit … Singer called … Hottie had just arrived where Singer and her friend were … had ordered some food … and as soon as he was done … they’d meet up with me at the trashy bar I visited the night before …

When do you think you’ll get there, because I’m not crazy about hanging out there too long by myself?

It’ll be good practice … we’ll be there as soon as we can. Okay?

Okay. See ya.


Now … let’s be real here … she had a really good point. There’s no reason I couldn’t be the first to arrive … I have in the past as boy … so I should plan on it in the future. In fact, usually Singer’s the first to arrive … being far more prompt than either Hottie or myself. Yeah … yeah … yeah … I know what you’re saying … what about Sister and Miss Daisy … aren’t they always first ?? Well, technically no … sure, they are there … but they are not the first TO ARRIVE … they have just never left the bar in the first place.

So …. I started my way to the bar … stopping at a party store nearby … as I was feeling tired. I had a full day already, was out the night before and didn’t want to fade … so I needed a hit of Red Bull.

And as I was checking out …

Ring ring


Can you pick me up a pack of cigarettes on your way?

Yuhp … yuhp.

Thanks !

So I checked out with two Red Bulls and a pack of Virginia Slims Menthol Ultra Lights.

I got to the bar … pounded some Red Bull in the parking lot … and entered the place.

Ugh … it wasn’t as busy as the night before … which was good.

And the waitress recognized me, mouthing the words … “Coors Light” … which was bad.

I mean … geezuz … what am I becoming … a hotel bar regular ??

Tramp. 🙂

So I grabbed a table, sufficient chairs … and settled in … back to the wall … to reduce the opportunities of a surprise attack.

Betsy brought me my beer and asked if I wanted to order my friends drinks, which I declined doing since I wasn’t sure when they’d arrive.

I really wasn’t stuck there solo long … 15 – 20 minutes maybe … enough for two encounters of small talk. Fortunately the band was in between sets so I had no risk of strange person dance-age.

Singer arrived first …

Then Hottie … sporting a new look … plaid flannel … takes a special man to make plaid flannel work !! He’s a keeper Baby Spice !! 🙂

Singer’s friend arrived third … and had been given the scoop. She was totally cool.

And we pretty much just sat on our butts, talked and drank beer for the next 5 hours.

In retrospect, I felt bad for Hottie and Singer. Because it must have been totally boring for them. We were at an out-of-the way place to minimize the risk of running into people we knew … to accommodate me … though that’s half the fun of going out … running into people you know.

Now I know they would never say they were bored stiff … and personally, I wasn’t bored in the least … time flew for me … one minute I was sitting there by myself packing Singer’s smokes … the next the lights were up and we were being escorted out … which is always nicer than being escorted out before the bar closes. 🙂

Anyways, I learned a few things from this excursion …

One. Hottie gets a look of fear in his eyes whenever I comment about activity on a dance floor … I suspect he fears I’ll ask him to take me out there … which I can honestly say … to this date … has never crossed my mind. I mean, if he asked me, I’d say yes, but it’d be just as weird for me as it would be for him … I put it in the same category of weirdness as using the ladies room at the same time as Singer is for me.

Two. Even on nights when I look better than I normally do … Singer ramps it up and improves even herself. I can never gain any ground !!! You know how some nights your look just seems to work? Well, Saturday night I was doing okay … in spite of the fact that I hadn’t done anything with my hair since about 14 hours earlier … I was looking about as good as I can. A fairly decent, snug top … and a tight pair of jeans … I was feeling good about myself. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t feel bad about myself when Singer walked in … I just simply muttered under my breath … Whoa !! Girl’s got game !! … And as I nibbled on my appetizer … had to accept the bitter truth … I’m not even the same species as her !! 🙂

Three. It’s time for us to start hanging out in our regular hangouts.

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  1. I knew it was a new look for you !!! You two chose … wisely ! And see Baby Spice … I look, but don’t touch … I had no clue it wasn’t flannel !! 🙂

  2. FYI…(1) No fear of dancing with Amy…more of the fear of the others already on the hotel bar dance floor & (2)it wasn’t plaid flannel, it was silk with a multi-box/squares type design…which Baby Spice helped pick out. However, I do have a plaid flannel shirt in a darker color…for another occassion, I guess.

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