GNO Update

So I failed to mention a couple of things relevant to Friday night’s escapades …

First, Hottie brought me a present !!! A dvd of The Usual Suspects !!! So thoughtful and topical !!! 🙂

And then Singer brought me a present !!! The sweetest scarf in the world … and in my color too (pink) !!! (Not to mention … she was sick as a dog and still made it out !!)

Sister bought us all a round of vodka/jager shots … huh? Vodka and jager?? No other mixer ?? Nope … no other mixer … Bitch Waitress insisted that’s what Sister ordered for us … but I’m sure that’s NOT the case … in addition to her lip gloss addiction, Sister is addicted to Red Bull … after some “I’ll take care of it” actioooon by Miss Daisy … Bitch Waitress returned with the alleged Red Bull/Vodka drinks that Sister truly had ordered … I say alleged because as Singer was quick to note … that wasn’t Red Bull in the mix !! Bitch Waitress insisted it was, but under some artful cross examination by Singer, eventually conceded that it was a “Red Bull” substitute … give me a break … as if you think we wouldn’t notice? Though we did find a way to keep one of the vodka/jager combinations which somehow Miss Daisy was able to knock off !! Completely amazing !

Hottie also informed me that next year … he’s staking a claim for the anchor position on The UnUsual Suspects bowling team. The anchor position is the person that bowls last … and is usually your best bowler. Now Singer, Hottie and I have this insane competitive streak with one another … and we’re all equal enough bowlers that more often than not … at least two of us are in a battle to beat the other by a pin or two … Well, two weeks ago … for the first time in a long time … Hottie overtook me (how I wish!) in the team high average lead … bastard. His bowling skills have improved dramatically once he started dating Baby Spice … coincidence ?? … I think not … apparently he’s much more “limber” than in the past !!

Anyways … I reclaimed the lead last week … but it’s going to be neck and neck all year … I can tell. However, it’s always been my position that it’s not so much about who is the best bowler that should be the anchor … but who performs in crunch time the best … and I continue to maintain … that except for a minor disruption in my closing skills for a brief period of hormone acclimation … I am better than average in the “getting the job done” department. 🙂

Nonetheless … I would like to take this opportunity to officially announce my resignation as team anchor effective at the end of this bowling season. Times change and so does each of our roles (ya think?) … I am very confident that Hottie will assume the position well as his closing skillz have improved tremendously. As such, next year’s rotation shall be … Singer batting lead-off, Sister second, Miss Daisy third, me fourth and Hottie rolling anchor. Like I have any say !! lol 🙂

On a final note … during the course of the GNO … MD told me the following story … twice actually, but don’t tell him, I don’t think he remembers …

Apparently I was read by someone at one of the gay bars Miss Daisy and I hopped to after Mamma Mia! But not because of appearance or voice … no … I guess I was read because of attitude !! Whatever !!

Supposedly a day or so after the night out, this one flighty twenty-something gayboytoy e-mailed Miss Daisy and asked …

What’s the deal with your friend Amy. Is she a boy-girl or girl-girl?

What do you think?

I think she’s a boy-girl.


She got in my face and had attitude a girl wouldn’t normally have.

Well, how did she look?

Oh, she looked girl-girl, it’s just that she got in my face.

Hmmm … upon reflection … I do remember the incident … at least getting into his face part, but I honestly don’t remember why I got in his face, though I’m confident that for whatever reason I did, he totally deserved it at the time … he was a self-absorbed boy way into himself … my guess is that most likely I tossed a mocking “whatever” out at some point … can you imagine that ?? lol 🙂

Anyways … I’m really not the least bit bothered by the news I was read by the toy … first, as I was in a gay bar, I was subject to stricter scrunity anyways … secondly, I do recall having a bit more than a passing discussion when him, so there was substantive interaction … and lastly, I was passable enough that he still wasn’t sure about me … with only my “attitude” giving me away.

Now I’m the first to admit … I do think attitude can be a reading factor … and I guess I do have a tiny bit of a ‘tude *snicker* … but I really don’t think it’s a boy attitude by any means … I just think I was a bit unimpressed with him and let his gayboytoyness know it … which at least made me memorable enough to him to ask Miss Daisy about me a couple days later … heh … totally amusing !! 🙂

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  1. Amy dear! I think you ‘tude was just Lawyer ‘tude! That can be misconstrued for male’tude, as it is a strong, and even sometimes strident, combative ‘tude.

    What ya think?


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