Friday Five for January 23, 2003

Wow … what a week !!! I’m sorry I have been so pathetic about posting anything, but there should be a flurry of posts today and tomorrow as I finish off a bunch of thoughts I’ve been punching out. I’ve worked way too much and way too hard this week … and by the time I got home last night … I was completely exhausted and simply crashed. My middle of the night insomnia didn’t even make a presence !! Wooo hooo !! 🙂

Anyways … ’nuff about that … we’ve got some questioooons to answer. It’s my guess that some of you could actually answer these questions for me … because they are pretty much about the usual things I talk about … television, food, stuff that makes me laugh …

So I feel like I’m taking a test … eeeek !!!! Hopefully I’ll give the right answers !!! 🙂

At this moment, what is your favorite…

1. …song?

I overplay songs. Yes, I know, it’s a terrible admission. But it’s true … when I find a song that I like … I just play it and play it repeatedly … driving everyone around me completely up the wall. MP3 … computer … disc in car … you’ll find it everywhere near me … that is until I find a new song to replace it … and then it’ll move down in the playlist and the new song will get the heavy play in the Amy-rotation ! In the last couple of weeks … It’s My Life, No Doubt … has found itself bumped from the No. 1 overkill list by the song Time, sung by Chantal Kreviazuk. (Here’s a taste of the song in Windows Media format) ….. which was the soundtrack for my walk in the woods a few weeks ago.

However, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my all-time favorite song … yes, you know what it is … come on everyone … Pour Some Sugar On Me !!!!! 🙂

2. …food?

Obviously, I’m a fan of food … usually in massive binge quantities … now there are my all-time favorites: hamburger and fries, chicken noodle soup, stuffed green peppers, fried fish … but I’m taking this question to mean what’s my current fave … what’s the food fad of the moment?

Well, I have really been enjoying this new Atkins-friendly wrap at Subway, a chicken bacon ranch combo, of course I tweak it for my own liking … double the meat and no ranch;

Then they are having this sale on Whoppers at Burger King, 2 for $3 … so I’ve been getting two Whoppers, no mayo, no ketchup/catsup – ’cause ya know, you can have it your way … along with a side salad … I then toss the buns and combine the rest to make a Whopper salad … weird, yeah, I know … just be glad you don’t have food issues like me !!! 🙂

But … this week’s number one favorite food is actually an old stand-by … it’s a past number one that makes occasional return appearances to the top spot … I call it the Amy Special Salad (yeah, isn’t the acronym great ?!?! :)) … I get it at Blimpies … and I don’t even have to order it … they know me and start making it when I walk in … it’s an Ultimate Club sub in salad form … double meat of course, always double meat … turkey, ham, bacon, swiss cheese, olives, jalapenos, onions, green pepper, tomatoes and cucumbers … mmmmmmmm. I then bring it home, dump it in a mixing dish and lather it with Lawry’s Seasoned Pepper Salt (who needs salad dressing when you have Lawry’s. Though I’ve heard that McCormick’s California Blend is great too, so I’m going to give that a shot). Mix and enjoy. It’s a fine dining experience !!! 🙂

Though just for the record … I sense 2 lbs of fried smelt, 1 lb of fries and 1 lb of hush puppies on the menu for tonight !!! 🙂

3. …tv show?

Ohhhhhh !!!! The best show on television these days …. of course it’s Joan of Arcadia (my review.) Seriously, it’s just getting better and better each week. It’s definitely no Touched By An Angel … it’s more Dawson’s Creek meets Lois and Clark with an underlying Quantum Leap series story arc. It rocks !!! As far as the rest of my viewing habits go … That 70’s Show is still fun; I’m continuing to watch Enterprise though wish they’d get out of the Expanse; my reality show habit is currently being fed with My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance (I like), American Idol (Ruben who? Clay is the best !!!!!! I want him back !!), and Survivor (application number 6 in the mail); I like CSI, but I wish they’d kill off Sara; embarassingly, I admit to watching American Chopper (blame Shaft for that); but, While You Were Out is slipping, I still watch it religiously and like the additional carpenters they have added to the show to cover for Leslie and Andrew at times, but Evan as the host is just not working for me. He’s nice and all, but really, it’s not clicking … I’d love to have Teresa Strasser back, she’s the best … but absent her … you know what I’m thinking … Amy Preston, host of While You Were Out … I think it sounds good and I’d be great … sure, I’m worthless when it comes to home repair or construction … but that doesn’t matter, does it? 🙂

4. …scent?

Hmmm … I don’t know. There are a lot of scents I like, though I’m going to continue with my theme this week that it’s not so much my favorite of all time … but my fad favorite today … and that would be the scent to this lotion bar that Singer gave me Wednesday night … her sister-in-law makes them and they are great … they come self-contained in this plastic push up container and are ideal for toting around in your purse or coat pocket … the scent I have and really, really like is ginger-lime-melon. It’s the best !!

5. …quote?

Yeah right … like I have a favorite … I love quotes … there’s no way I can isolate just one !!!! 🙂 A lot of my favorites show up under the Whatever heading on my front page … most of those are my inspirational quotes that encourage and motivate me at times … you know, my basics … “Do or Do Not, There is No Try” … “Never Surrender“,

But every time I hang out with The UnUsual Suspects … a few more are added to my personal favorite list … and this week my favorite quote from the night was …

… well, I don’t have balls.

Now I haven’t posted this week’s recap of Wednesday night yet, but when I do, I won’t try to make reference to that quote. Unfortunately, it’s going to remain an incredibly funny inside joke among The UnUsual Suspects, I’m not saying that to tease or taunt you … it’s just that we’ve tried telling others of the setting and how that line was delivered … and it’s clearly one of those, “you just had to be there” lines … because each time we’ve told the story afterwards … people just look at us and say … “it’s really not that funny.” Oh well. 🙂

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  1. Yuhpers … we stole the concept of Changing Rooms and call it Trading Places here … and yes, sometimes people do hate the rooms. I’m not sure if WYWO was also borrowed from you, but it’s definitely a descendant in some ways. 🙂

  2. While You Were Out sounds like it’s based on the British show “Changing Rooms”, but with more of an edge. Do people ever hate what the team has done to their houses? Do people ever sue for invasion of privacy and damage if they don’t like the results?

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