We interrupt this week’s regularly scheduled episode of The UnUnusual Suspects: Special Bowling Unit for a brief moment of reflection. Following said reflection, this week’s episode will be aired in its entirety.

Many friendships exist because of circumstance … convenience.

You go to school with someone, you work with someone, you live near someone … it’s just easy to hang out. But when someone moves away or becomes involved in other things … moves on with their lives … despite promises of “let’s keep in touch” … most times … you never do.

And that is one of the things that makes The UnUsual Suspects unusual …

Our friendships have grown and thrived despite us not working together, not living near one other, not even hanging out in the same places …

We have been assembled by circumstance over years …

And have made our friendship a priority even when each of us has moved on with their lives in one way or another …

Lately … as Hottie has moved on with his life … having a new chica (she’s a total thumbs up by the way !) … he’s not as available to play in our e-mail games … and is unavailable for extended times.

We’ve felt the emptiness.

But true to form …

The UnUsual Suspects survive.

So yesterday … there was Hottie … driving back into town in the middle of a snow storm …

Just so he could phreakin’ bowl and be with us !! 🙂

And when I arrived at Friday’s for the tailgate … the last one to get there as I usually am … and see Hottie, Singer, Sister and Miss Daisy … sitting in a row … laughing about something …

I couldn’t help but smile. 🙂

And even later in the evening … after Miss Daisy said something and Hottie and Singer delivered the perfect response line in total unison …

I couldn’t help but smile. 🙂

And then even later in the evening …

With Sister laughing as she was singing kareoke,

Miss Daisy laughing as he was stumbling across the floor, and

Sister and Hottie laughing as they were dancing to the tunes with one another …

I couldn’t help but smile. 🙂

I’m pretty sure by the end of the evening, I was glowing (and it wasn’t from the alcohol) … as I’ve been energized by these people. 🙂

Tomorrow … it’s a GNO with The UnUsual Suspects … which to us stands for Girls Night Out, Gay Night Out and Guy Night Out … meaning, all of us will be there … Singer, Hottie, Sister, Miss Daisy … and for the first time … me.

As me.


Am I nervous about it? Sure. Of course. Who wouldn’t be.

And I have to believe they are nervous too … seeing and associating brings a further reality to all of this.

I’m hopeful, it is The UnUsual Suspects after all … but still.

All I know is that regardless of what happens in the future …

My last time with The UnUsual Suspects before Amy became a reality in their lives … was an amazing night !

These people are great. 🙂

We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

“Geezuz, you’re like a gay version of Shaft”

“Let’s start doing shots early and scare the shit out of them.”

“Did any of you make it home last week?”

In the fourth frame of the first game … Sister returns from the restroom …

“I just threw away my underwear.”

“Why didn’t anyone tell me I had splooge on my face?”

Three frames later … Miss Daisy returns from the restroom …

“Liberated and free !!!”

“Itty Bitty T-Bag Committee.”

Early in the second game … Singer returns from the restroom …

“No more panty lines.”

“I’m the lo-lo lady, not the no-no lady.”

Two frames later … I return from the restoom, with my underwear in hand …

“Was I supposed to throw these away or just stick them in my bowling bag?”

And at the beginning of the third game, Hottie returns from the restroom …

Places his fist in the middle of the table …

We all follow suit …

“Wondertwin powers … activate … form of … drunks !!!”

Yes … over the course of three games of bowling … each of us … threw away our underwear. By the third game … our entire team had gone commando.


Why not? 🙂

Team unity.

And for the first time in four weeks … no one said to us “The drunker you get, the better you bowl ” …

Probably because we got our asses kicked …

But since it’s not about the bowling,

We really didn’t care ! 🙂

Though we did get asked by two different people if they could join our team ! 🙂

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  1. Thanks. I don’t know much about America 🙁 I never yet got further west than New York (which is one of my all-time favourite places, btw).

  2. Well, Tasmin, I’m southern CT…where are you in relation to me?

    Oh…and Amy…when I finally get out there to see the Dr. Z guy, I’m going to expect to meet everyone of the UnUsuals.

    but I’m NOT doing the commando thing…no way no how…

    Makenna 🙂

  3. Hi Sister. A really nice thing to say and I’ve no doubt whatever that’s it’s true.

    The invitation goes the other way – if any of you AmyNews regulars finds themself heading to north-western England, let me know and you can come out with me and my friends.

  4. Believe me, we are the fortunate ones to have Amy in our lives. You will never meet a better person. Ya’all are invited to the alley any time though – & that goes for tailgating too!

  5. “I’m jealous.”

    i am soooooooooo glad someone else finally SAID that, cuz i’ve been thinking it for the longest time, i swear…

  6. Amy, we have always known “you” that hasn’t changed. The only difference is the make up which you totally don’t need. Beeactch.

  7. Thank you for the recap and the reflectioooon. May I also take this opportunity to put out a missing bowling bag alert?

  8. What a great story. I just took off my whitie tighties in a show of support. (Well, they were a little messy anyway) Semper Fi.

  9. Ah, would that I had such a wonderful bunch of friends! Have a great night!

    And next time I cross the Big Pond, can I come out with you? Can I? Can I? Can I? Please! 🙂

  10. Great writing, as always!!

    Don’t worry about GNO… I’ve done it and meet Amy, no problems. Besides, like you said, it’s just “us”.


    PS — Grandma Daisy was laughing her ass off tonight when I told her that we all went commando last night!

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