Three Angels

I know three angels in real life. At least I’m pretty sure they are angels. Though all of my friends are incredibly nice and each has their own super powers, the angels are extra nice, totally empathic and have this amazing ability to calm a person just by their presence. They always make you feel good about yourself.

Sister is one of the angels I know.

Satan’s sister is another one.

The third angel is Tenant’s wife and I got to chat with her yesterday for a bit.

She stopped by the offices yesterday to go out to lunch with Tenant and popped her head into my office to say “hola”.

It was the first time I had seen her since Tenant disclosed the truth to her.

And as soon as her smile lit up my office it was such a kewl, calming feeling. What a neat surprise for the day !! 🙂

We gabbed a great deal. It was just so nice talking with her and our conversation ended way too soon for my liking.

And as she was leaving, she asked,

Am I going to see you again? Like this?

No, you’re not.

She smiled, we hugged one last time and she left.

And I felt incredibly calm.

Note for the record – encounters with angels are good ! 🙂

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  1. Hottie !!! I’m sooooo NOT Sabrina !! I’m the blonde … remember !?! Though granted, Sabrina didn’t have any boobs either … *shrug*

  2. Well, Grandma Daisy almost got to meet me last Sunday AM … if we had to drive any further she’d have found me crashed on her couch !! 🙂

  3. I guess that is pretty funny… LOL

    Grandma Daisy is really easy going with all this stuff… I used to call her my number one “Fag-Hag”.

  4. PS – Is there anything funnier than reading the text…”Grandma Daisy read the story about cockblocking me…”? That could be tough to top!

  5. Amy,

    Have a great new year….for Hottie’s sake!!! Sorry, it would be alot funnier if the saying was “for God’s sake”. Also, by the way…no problem with not being an Angel. That would screw up my plans for the bowling sitcom…”Hottie’s Angels” anyway. Unfortunately, you may have to be Sabrina 🙂

  6. I am not a Trekie… so I don’t know who “Q” is. At first I thought that meant QUEER, and I was like… duh… lol

    BTW, Grandma Daisy read your story about cock-blocking me and thought it was hilarious, especially the part where you referred to her as “Grandma Daisy”. She was a little disappointed that she didn’t get to see you Saturday night, she was hoping that you would pop your head out so she could see.

    Anywho… So I am a Q Ferris Bueler? Sweet… *MWAH*

  7. I’d also like the record to reflect that I acknowledge the super powers of others … Singer is a goddess – beautiful, wise and caring, the most amazing woman I’ve ever met; Shaft is The Hulk – an incredibly caring, kind heart in the body of a destructive oddity; Miss Daisy is like Q from Star Trek:TNG – an extremely intelligent, mischievous, fun being that is really very nice; and Hottie, well I’m contemplating the thought that he’s God … with an upper case G … kind, all knowing, caring and protective. That kind of bothers me a little bit though because I’m not sure it’s healthy to have a crush on God. Though I do suppose if God and I ever hooked up, it would increase the likelihood that I could check off the item of my life to-do list of having sex in a church … ’cause in that case, it’ll really just be doing it at his house, right? 🙂

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