New Year’s Eve

Yeah … yeah … yeah. I know … whatever.

If you read the comments here to some of my posts, you are aware that in a rash reaction to an UnInvite … I agreed to plans I knew I would dread for the same night of the event I was UnInvited … sort of as punishment to myself for my transsexualism … which was one of the reasons for my UnInvite. (Please refer to the aforementioned “Yeah … yeah … yeah. I know … whatever” for my response to your obvious statement that … Amy, girl, sometimes you’ve got issues. :))

And just what were the reactionary plans I made? … Agreeing to be someone’s date, with me in boy mode, for a New Year’s Eve gathering.

Adequate punishment for being a transsexual in my mind. Something I would clearly dread. And it committed me to doing something such that The UnUsual Suspects would have no opportunity to intervene to alleviate my distress. A risk I didn’t want to take as I didn’t want any pity invites.

As New Year’s Eve drew closer, the thought of doing boy for an evening, on a date yet, became more and more unbearable in my mind.

It just wasn’t going to be within my ability to do.

So anyways, I’m not going to get into the intricate detail … but let’s just suffice to say … as of a few days ago …

I don’t have any plans for New Year’s Eve.

I withdrew from date participation as delicately as I possibly could … understanding that regardless, I was being a total jerk in the process. It didn’t go great, but wasn’t necessarily terrible. I’m sure some not nice things have been said about Joe Hairdy in response, probably all deservedly said, but believe it or not, I’m pretty sure some nice things were said about Joe too, as it was handled as well as one could do I think.

Anyways, subsequently I’ve received a few pity invites,

In an attempt to minimize my feelings of exclusion and removal.

And though I appreciate my friends’ efforts and concerns,

I just don’t like pity.

So I haven’t decided what I’m going to do tonight,

I might just be alone.

But I do know two things about tonight …

One, I’ll be me.. yay !!! 🙂 ; and,

Two, I won’t be taking up social smoking !! 🙂

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone !!! :))

Have lots of fun !

Drink lots if you care to,

Smoke if you choose to, and

Laugh plenty because I’m telling you to !!!! 🙂

(Just don’t drink and drive !)

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  1. You could always come down to my hotel room (later tonight to be referred to as the “Brothel of filth and ill repute”) for a little while. You can kick around here for awhile in either B or G mode, all is good with me.

    Joe will be here sometime after 8PM, and I *should* be alone until then (unless loser #2 shows up, which he won’t).

    I should start my own blog… I am in a rant mode tonight.

    HAPPY KNEW YEARS everyone! :O)

  2. Rather than interpret offers of alternatives as “pity”, it may be fair to interpret them as friendship expressed. Why deny friends being friends?

    I’m a far from good gramarian, but you could have written:

    Laugh plenty, because I’m telling you.


    I’m telling you to laugh plenty.

    Neither has the colloquial “punch” of the original.

  3. I ended with a preposition three out of the last four lines of that post … would one of the real writers that visit my site please tell me how I should have phrased it … I was just feeling lazy and quickly clicked the Publish button. Thanks ! 🙂

  4. Girl…I’m going to come out there and kick your ass..

    What the f do you think friends are for? At some point in the future, they may need YOUR help. Its called give and take!

    Let them be there for you…ok?It makes friendship so much more meaningful when you do.

    Oh, and I AM coming out there.


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