I Understand !!!!

If one more “sign” happens …

Telling me I’m doing the right thing,

That I’m supposed to transition.

I’m going to scream !!

I’ve GOT the point !! 🙂


I swear,

Just when I think my life can’t get any weirder …

It does.

Oh … by the way,

Ex and Morrie are getting married.

*shaking my head in disbelief*


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  1. Oh, but you’d look so cute in that pink/lavender frilly low-cut dress you couldn’t wear anywhere else!


    I guess it would be pretty weird to be a bridesmaid at your Ex’s wedding.

  2. A very, nice, neat little package indeed. 🙂

    I’ll find out … so far I’ve just been pushing them to elope so I don’t get stuck wearing a bridesmaid dress.

  3. i love it every time i get to quote
    homer simpson–
    “Well, everything’s tied up in a neat little package, isnt’ it? …no, really, I mean that.”

    i’m not promising anything,
    but are they listed somewhere–
    amazon or something?

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