Back Like J Lo’s Butt

Sworry for my lack for substantive postage the past few days … I’ll try to get you caught up on my misadventures. 🙂

For now … we’re talking last Friday …

I did the work thing in the AM and then did a little car ride to Ann Arbor for my semi-annual physical and series of tests as part of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Gender Services program requirements …

My doctor doctor is great … first, she’s from England, so she’s got that kick ass accent; second, she’s just totally kewl as far as a doc could be – treats me with respect, easy to talk to, knows her stuff, works the insurance system; and, thirdly, she tosses me compliments that I readily accept.

Anyways, physically, apparently I’m still fit as a fiddle … so that’s good I guess. 🙂 All my scripts were renewed … though we’re going to give a Climera patch a run as my form of estrogen. Usually I take 8 mgs of Estradiol tablets daily and in an attempt to increase their effectiveness and reduce possible damage to my liver, I place the chick tabs under my tongue to dissolve (that’s referred to as taking them “sublingually” in med-speak). It’s really not that inconvenient, but is a bit tiresome as it interferes with my opportunity to immediately consume coffee upon waking up. Anyways, I was gabbing with a friend the other day and she mentioned she had some nice breast growth after going with injectable ‘mones, so I thought I’d give the patch a try as though I’m not quite mooding yet to do the body poking, I figured that it might be a more direct hit of hormones than I’m getting now. We’ll see how I like it. I have a script for a 1mg Climera patch. It’s supposed to last a week at a time … though I’m going to be doing two patches simultaneously.

I am a little concerned about the timing of my desire to mess with my hormone intake regimine … I’m very accustomed to my level of girlnesss now … which is nice. I’m really not wanting to go through the emotionally puberty again that I experienced the first time my body had to get acclimated to my estrogen. (You know … the “LOL crying for no reason at all ROFLMAO sob sob sob LOL I I I I’m soooo …. HAPPY This is the kewlest … saddest, most horrible … LOL … day. I’m sooooo pissed !!! ” phase.) Oh well, we’ll see what happens.

Oh yeah, and if anyone needs an MD in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area … let me know, I’ll give you the name of mine … she rocks.

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  1. 20 cups a day! Whew, that’s a serious amount of coffee! With all that stimulation, no wonder you’ve become such a bouncy person. (I’ve never met you, of course, but your bounciness reaches right across the Atlantic.)

  2. Well … I have cut my coffee intake down significantly … it wasn’t that long ago that I was doing in excess of 20 cups of coffee a day … I’m down to about 5 grande sized cups a day now.

    I suppose next their going to tell me I have to stop sniffing gasoline and eating paste. 🙂

  3. Ah, I didn’t realise the tabs would take so long to dissolve under your tongue. (I’m on ethinyl estradiol taken by simple swallowing.)

    Did you know that caffeine can interfere with oestrogen? As far as I’m aware, it can have a blocking effect. Also, for trans-people, caffeine consumption can heighten the risk of getting ostereoporosis. I’ve really cut back on real coffee and have been drinking decaf. If you can’t countenance giving up real coffee, then I find half-and-half tastes acceptable. I have half-and-half when I’m feeling really tired or when I fancy a treat.

  4. Oh … I was serious when I said I’m making the change because it interferes with my morning coffee consumption … scary, huh? 🙂

    Here’s my morning routine, I wake up, go brush my teeth, swallow my Proscar, swallow my spiro and then place four 2mg micronized Estradiol tablets under the tongue … it then takes about 5 – 10 minutes for them to dissolve and I still feel as if I’m losing a bit of the dosage through just normal swallowing. I’m considering the patch so that when I wake up, I can go brush my teeth, swallow my Proscar, swallow my spiro and then go straight to my coffee machine that has my coffee waiting for me as it automatically starts brewing each AM at 4:00. Coffee 10 minutes earlier and directly placement of the ‘mones in the bloodstream with hopefully some impact on the hootage development.

  5. If it’s not broke, why fix it?

    If you’ve been doing 8 mgs daily of Estradiol and it suits you, and you’re still in perfect condition, why change your regimen?

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