Amy’s Addiction

I must confess … I have an addictiooooon.

No, it’s not a controlled substance of any sort. In fact, here’s some Amy-trivia, I have never partaked, used, or consumed any controlled substance. Ever. Not even marijuana. But I don’t give a hoot if people do. Over the years, I have had friends that have consumed all sorts of different controlled substances, at times in my presence. I make no judgment, ’cause personally, there have been times in my life where my relationship with alcohol was probably worse than would have been with casual mj smokage. They are all just crutches … choose what you will … accept the risks … and take responsibility for your decision.

Gettaloada this … I’ve never smoked a cigarette either … though I think I’ll give that one up as I noted, I’m contemplating taking up social smoking.

Anyways … my addiction has gotten out of hand …

At first it was just something I wanted with dinner. Then I needed a hit before bed when the munchies arrived … soon I had stashes of it conveniently located throughout my house … and now … I’ve just gotta have it !!!

My addiction, well … it’s to Lawry’s Seasoned Pepper Salt.

I’m addicted to the krap … I’ve gotten to the point of putting it on everything … eggs, meat, poultry, fish, milk, ice cream, salads … well, the milk and ice cream were sort of an accident, but sadly, I consumed both anyways.

I fear I’m only a step away from carrying some with me everywhere, and regardless of whether I’m dining out and whom I’m with … I’ll just have to whip out my travel sized container of Lawry’s Seasoned Pepper Salt and season my dish with a taste of heaven.

This is sooooo going to hinder my efforts to find a boyfriend. 🙂

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  1. No review from me yet… I slept most of the day away in the recliner watching movies. haha… I had forgotten about the Charlie’s Angels thing.


    PS… My feet hurt, too!

  2. Awwwww … Thanks Miss Daisy !! Miss Daisy showed me an incredibly, wonderful time last night !! I’ll give a full review of the evening after I sleep most of the day … but suffice to say … though I loved the play, it wasn’t even the most enjoyable part of the evening !! I laughed my butt off and gabbed with really kewl guys for hours after the play as Miss Daisy hopped us amongst 8 billion different bars … my feet are phreaking killing me !!!!!! 🙂

  3. Hottie !! Stay away from the purple pill !!!!! We’ll protect you !! Think of it this way … you now have Hottie’s Angels (featuring Miss Daisy as Bosley) surrounding you !! LOL

  4. I love hot and spicy food … jalepenos … mmmmm. I can eat them outta the jar !! Now I know what to get you for your birthday now Claire … a case of Frank’s X-tra Red Hot Sauce !

    Yeah … I’m not going to do the social smoking thing now … you kids are right … it’d be a bad thing for me to do. And with my personality … there’s a very good chance that social smoking could become habitual very easily. Just not worth it.

    Thanks everyone for smacking me on the side of the head when I needed it !! 🙂

  5. WOW !! I leave for a few minutes and the fun starts !! 🙂 Thanks for the recipe Yodette, that sounds good. I’m always looking for something new to try in the kitcheeooon … though the two week waiting period for clearing the clouds is certainly contrary to my tastes for instant gratification !! 🙂 Gawd, simply marinating my meat and fish tests my patience level ! 🙂 Yuhp … yuhp … I’m put Lawry’s on my popcorn (yummy) and even sprinkled some on chips at time … but my favorite snack these days is celery saturate in Lawry’s. I go through a bunch of celery (is it called a bunch? if not, then I go through a bag) every day and a half.

  6. Awww, Miss Daisy! That’s the sweetest thing to say about my little girl!

    Amy, be nice to this guy! He’s one of the good ones! Oh, and be careful with those boys!

  7. Just got back from Mamma Mia with Amy… I’m going to write a full review in the morning… But I will tell you this right now. Girl mode was in the air. SHE didn’t look like a he at all. My boyfriends were smittin with Amy. They loved her!

    I know that I had a great time…. :O) The show was great, as was the company.

  8. ‘k, i dunno about lawry’s but damn if i’m not addicted to frank’s xtra red hot sauce, aims… it’s not really hot, but more like spicy red vinegar. the other day i ended up buying the super-sized version cos i keep going through the small bottles in a matter of days.

    and i think you’d appreciate transition more if you started smoking. go for it! that way, when you quit, it’ll be the second hardest thing you’ve ever done next to transitioning… haha, just kidding. but quitting smoking *is* the second hardest thing i’ve ever done. and yup, it started as a social thing.


  9. You’re the only hetero male on the squad? What does that make me, chop steak?????

    Oh yeah…. never mind!! ;O()

    Howie doing tonight Hottie? Are you wearing your necklace?

    It’s almost Mamma Mia time!

  10. I think the “social smoking” thing is another way to leave me isolated amongst the Unusual Suspects. First, I am now the only hetero male on the squad…now, potentially the only non-smoker? What’s next?? I’m afraid to even ponder the possibilities!!

  11. I’m a fan of House of Tsang “Wok Oil” for things I fry. I also occasionally like to use lemon seasoned olive oil, too.

    To make your own lemon seasoned oil, put 32 oz. of good olive oil in a wide mouth glass or ceramic container you can cap. Peel six lemons with a vegetable peeler, being careful to not peel into the white pith just below the outer zest. Place the peeled zest of the lemons in the oil and cap the container. The oil will turn cloudy, then clear in a couple of weeks. Once it clears, drain the clear oil and keep it in a clean stoppered bottle. It keeps longer is kept in the fridge.

    If you use extra-virgin oil, it’s great for salads. Otherwise it’s excellent for frying fish and chicken, especially with a splash of white wine and a dab of butter to finish. (Capers optional.)

  12. your addiction may not be understated,
    but it is at least tasteful…

    smoking would not be;
    i hope you’re kidding about that…

    somehow this reminds me of a nightmare
    daydream i used to have–
    Geraldo Rivera asking Vic Tayback,
    “When did you first realize that Heinz 57 was
    NOT a heckuva lot more than a steak sauce?”

  13. Okay, okay … I won’t take up social smoking ! You’re right Beth, Sera and Yodette … it’s a bad thing to do … even if just for something new to try. I suppose I can take up smoking something other than cancer sticks. *ducking* jk LOL Gawd, I kill myself sometimes !! 🙂

  14. Good point about smoking and estrogen, Sera. At your age Amy, smoking dramatically increases the possibility of thrombosis when on estrogen. If you do experience a thrombosis most doctors won’t allow you estrogen again.

    Smoking is the dark side….

  15. You could be the female version of George Costanza…remember, he carried Sweet-N-Low in his wallet. Funny you should bring up the Lawry’s…Vixen(official name to come later)& I were grocery shopping yesterday. “Do you have any spices at home Hottie?” Answer: I’ve got Lawry’s…that’s it!” What a coincidence!! 🙂

  16. I can see it now… you have 47 bottles of it in your purse… kinda like Sista and her purse full of lip balm crap.

    Although, a purse full of seasoned pepper is a lot better.

  17. I’m a McCormick’s Old Bay Seasoning girl myself. Amy, Are you serious about taking up smoking? I hear smoking and estrogen theraphy are not the best mix.


  18. Ha ha! My sister’s whole family is addicted to the stuff. They seem to put it on everything except desserts, but I’m not 100% sure that they don’t either. They even have to hide the jars from the 3-year old, otherwise he will eat it straight from the jar. I’m thinking Lawrys must sneak some addictive substance in there.

    I shouldn’t make fun of her, but she is my sister, so it’s part of the Sibling Contract. Just like she razzs me everytime I lock myself out of my apartment and/or car. 🙂

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