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The telephone rang last week …

My home telephone that is … one which I rarely, rarely answer.

It’s always someone trying to sell me something.

And everyone who I really care to talk with has my mobile number.

But for some odd reason, this time, I decided to amuse myself,

So I answered the phone.


(I do that just to entertain myself sometimes. For the record, I speak four languages … a little bit of Spanish, I’m obviously fluent in American, I speak Australian fairly well, and can converse in English, but only because American and Australian are slang derivatives of it … I really don’t do English justice … and there’s no way I can do that rocking accent the Brits deliver. ;))

Ahhh … yes, this is so-and-so from Nielson TV.

Omg … omg … Did I hear her correctly? … Could this be my lucky day? … No phreaking way !!

We are doing a television ratings survey in your area during the month of November and were wondering if you would be interested in participating. Your participation would assist ….

YES !!

television and cable networks in determining …

YES !!!!

which programs people are interested in ….

YES !!!!!!! I’ll do it !!

She then proceeded to screen me, asking me some questiooons … and concluded by saying my diary book for recording the shows I watch for the week commencing November 24, 2003 will be sent to me in the mail, along with a $5 bill.

Finally !!!!! Years of practice are paying off !!! I’ll be paid for watching television !! lol

Trust me when I say …

They will have never seen a television diary the likes of mine !!

Gawd, this is so better than jury duty !!

Pour Some Sugar On Me …

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  1. Hi Amy ! Thanks for the update on your website … 🙂 See … I told you everyone … she really is the “nice” Amy !

    The “aahhh, heck, I don’t know” Amy.

  2. aym – it’s tamsin ROFL(MAO to borrow an expression). Thanks very much! Arigato gozaimasu (with a name like eimiko, let me guess you’re from Japan, right?).

  3. hihi—Amy C./amy_ca here. 🙂

    just a comment about the last comment. 🙂 my vocal techniques didn’t damage my voice but i know that the whisper method is totally not a good thing now. (whispering, coughing, and yelling loudly are great ways to give yourself laryngitis, nodules, or worse.) i did get some vocal damage but i think that’s a combo of recent things related to getting a trach shave.

    actually, i’ve thought things through and i’m trying to write a completely new voice tutorial, but will keep the old stuff around for those who are interested.

    as for the whole site going up, well, it’s a long story. i probably shouldn’t have taken it down so abruptly but it will be back i promise you. i thought it was going to be a relatively easy search-and-replace job, but i thought about it and am overhauling the whole thing including all the back-end scripts that maintain all the info. in the process it is going through a major metamorphosis: i’m changing the name of it. more details to come later, but it’ll be back. eventually.

    tasmin: so sorry!!!

    — the “nice” amy!
    [email protected]

  4. Actually, Amy_CA has backed awasy from some of her vocal training techniques as they caused some harm to her voice as a result. I’m not sure when she’s going to reload her site, although I can phone and ask, but I do think she’s decided to stop telling everyone about that vocal technique

  5. If you can get those pages, that’d be cool. Spiffing and jolly good show, as we don’t say in England anymore.

    Hey, I’m Jacques Lacan and I died in 1981. Apparently I’m the greatest psychoanalyst since Freud and I don’t talk too much about my penis (and oh boy is he totally in for a surprise when I get my GRS). Another funny poll.

  6. Tamsin, Amy C. has removed her site for a while while it is going through a redesign. I’ll try to pester her to maybe shoot me those pages and let me share them here for the time being until she gets her redesigned site up and running. Oh … and getta load of this … between us two Amys … she’s considered the nice one !!

    Bitch. 🙂

  7. Hmmmmm … wise point Yodette … good thing I totally lied about all my answers just as I always do with any pollster … I’m probably the cause for most distorted polls released during election times … mwahh haa haa haa haaaaa 🙂

  8. I’d have been too suspicious it was an unscrupulous person using the Nielson name as a pretext to get personal info for some nefarious purpose.

  9. Hi Amy, sorry for an off-topic post but I wondered if you’d do something for me please. You provide a link to Amy C.’s blogger and mention that she has some really good voice techniques, which you found helpful. I’m trying to train my voice, and I think I’m doing okay with it, but I need more ideas. I would like to read what Amy C. has to say about it, but her site seems to have been down for a while. Would you mind e-mailing me a little summary please of the things you found most helpful? I could share my ideas with you if it appears you’e not already using them. I hope you can help. Thanks sweetie.

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