What Did You Call Me?

So … anyone who has frequented AmyNews.com is well aware of the phact that all of my real life friends have got nicknames … I refer to them in code in an attempt to minimize the risk of someone accidentally stumbling across my website that actually knows any of us.

Necessary? Doubtful. Effective? Probably not. But it made me feel better and amused me.

Plus, I never wanted any of them to find out about me inadvertantly, I wanted them to find out from me.

Anyways … I think everyone for the most part is aware they all have their own little code names here … bothered as some are upon finding out what their nicknames are … sorry Hottie. 🙂

But I’ve been asked a few times now by different people …

What’s my nickname?” or “How come you didn’t give me a nickname? Am I not good enough for your site?

Well, the truth being, is that …

One, out of respect for the privacy of others, I try to avoid or minimize references to most real life interaction with people. But sometimes my interactions with them are so significant to my growth and well-being that it truly constitutes AmyNews. Which is why I give them nicknames. But if it’s not a newsworthy interaction, even though a person may be a friend, not everyone is mentioned here, because I do try to protect their privacy. And,

Two, I put a lot of thought into most nicknames I give people. Each has to be relatively identifiable by my real life friends, so they know who I’m talking about, but at the same time, it has to have a meaning or amusement factor to me. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen over night. So sometimes it just takes me a while to start making reference to a person because I can’t think of a good nickname.

Anyways, I need to give the New Dude on the Bowling Team Who Doesn’t Have A Nickname Yet … a nickname.

See … I think he was the first person to find out about my situatiooooon that I see regularly (weekly bowling nights) who didn’t hear the news from me !! He’s a good friend of Sister’s and she asked me if she could tell him. Give Sister credit, she’s kept the secret tight !! Thanks so much ! Anyways … I trust him with the information and he’s on the bowling team for gawd’s sake, it’s not fair not to let him in on the knowledge … So I told Sister it was fine with me. Wow … my first Indirect Disclosure. At least that I’m aware of … hehe.

And since I would like to keep hanging out with The Usual Suspects, and he’s hanging out with us every Wednesday and he’s a pretty “aware, attuned to things” guy, there’s a fair chance he’d say or offer something noteworthy of reflection here … or at least do something stupid enough that I’d just have to share with you … so I’ve been trying to come up with a nickname for him. Because typing New Dude on the Bowling Team Who Doesn’t Have A Nickname Yet just takes too long.

But I haven’t come up with anything I like …

I’ve been wanting to use Potsie for someone for sooooo long, because it just makes me laugh to say it, but … no, he’s really not a Potsie.

I thought about Alf, but he’s not an Alf either. Besides, I’m saving the name Alf as the nickname for some future boyfriend of mine’s unit. (Think about it … what does Alf like? ;))

Now, since I haven’t really known him long enough to zero in on the perfect nickname … I was willing to listen to Sister’s suggestion … which was Poopy. Ahhh … no. One, I don’t even want to know why she suggested it, but something about an unfortunate childhood incident was mentioned, and two, we all know my word of choice for any defecation references is “turd”.

Shaft suggested Al, and he offered me a long winded, connect the rationalization dots explanation as to how he came up with it … but Al is just a name … not a nickname … and I stopped listening to him after about 20 minutes seconds of his explanation … so legitimately, I have no idea why he even suggested it … and I’m really not into lots of Happy Days references.

Oh wait … hmmmm …

He’s always bumming a ride everywhere from Sister !! Sister’s driving him all over the place !!!

That’s it ….

From this point henceforth ….

New Dude on the Bowling Team Who Doesn’t Have A Nickname Yet shall be referred to as Miss Daisy.

(Yeah, I’ll admit it 🙂 … the whole purpose of this post was just so I could toss out my Alf joke … gawd that cracks me up !! LOL There’s also a good chance that I stole the Miss Daisy idea from either Singer or Hottie, because it really is a little too creative to have really been an Amy-original.)

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  1. Excellent, MD. While I don’t announce the trip, my reading selection tucked under my arm says it all. Well, and I do announce it.

  2. LMFAO!!! I love it!! If we ever get bowling shirts with our names on them, I want Miss Daisy on mine, with little yellow and white embroidered daisies around my name.

    BTW, the high school nickname “Poopie” wasn’t because of any accidents I had, I just had no reason to to hide the fact that I had to go take a dump… so I would announce it proudly and excuse myself. :O)

  3. I have a hunch when he hears your nickname for him is “Miss Daisy”, he may have an involuntary winch and a reassuring grab for his crotch.

  4. now if you’ll excuse me,
    i have to go drive the porcelain bus–
    i feel a technicolour yawn coming on…

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