Udder Humiliation

Well … not quite … because I did crop the pictures you sick bastards !!! 🙂

I absolutely abhor showing these pictures.

My loathing cannot be overstated !!

But … I committed myself to sharing with others who are contemplating ffs …

The results of my ffs.

And though my belly isn’t my face, it was part of my whole ffs package.

That being said, review the following for scientific and medical consideration, but if I hear one word about the size of my Before belly, you can just write-off ever seeing the Afters of my breast augmentation !! 😉 (Don’t get your hopes up, there’s no way in hell I’ll be posting those !)

Front Before

Front After

Profile Before and After

I’m still wearing the compression garments and they are obviously tight as there are lines, hot rashes and abrasions on my stomach showing. The bruising wasn’t too bad in the stomach area, and after two weeks, the dreadful pain I was experiencing before is nothing but a distant memory. It’s still swollen considerably, more so on my left side. Interesting trend there … same as my face. I guess it will be for several more weeks before it subsides, but even swollen, the difference in shape is significant in my opinion.

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  1. Hi Amy,

    I’m going to Dr. Z for for lipo in 2 weeks! I would LOVE to correspond a bit with you to hear more about your experience. Can you please drop me a note?

    Thank you!!!


  2. Hint: Next time use a shot of my gut as the before. The resulting contrast would be considered a miracle in certain third world countries.

  3. Yeah … yeah … yeah … I took these pictures by myself and struggled a bit with lining them up … I had to do some serious cropping … but was pleasantly surprised to note that when stark nekked … I don’t appear to be as tastefully understated as I look otherwise. 🙂

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