In Other Words …

A one-way conversation. Though since it’s ‘one-way’, I’m not really sure it’s a conversation.

“Hey, I heard about your cancer.”

“You know, maybe it was some of the activities that you chose to do that caused it … you do drink tap water, and you’ve smoked a few cigars in your life.”

“Hmmm, if you chose to do something that might have caused it … you could say that ‘you’re choosing to have cancer, can’t you?'”

“Oh well, doesn’t matter. You say you have it, so I’ll believe you.”

“But really, you don’t want to have chemo now, do you? I mean, you’ll go bald, how will that be explained to others?”

“You know, I read on the internet that if you drink 10 glasses of an orange juice and aspargus mixture daily that you’ll be cured of any cancer.”

“What? You haven’t heard about that? … Well, maybe you should evaluate other options first before you jump to a chemo solution … it doesn’t sound to me like you’ve thoroughly researched this as you’ve suggested.”

“You know, we like you the way you are.”

“Can’t you just take up a hobby so you’ll think of other things besides your cancer?”

“I mean, you’ve lived this long with it.”

“Obviously it’s not as good as knowing someone who doesn’t have cancer.”

*Shaking my head in disbelief*

Disclaimer: The above is not meant to suggest the two conditions are analogous. Each has it’s own unique and tremendous traumas. It’s simply a word replacement game I was playing with myself this weekend. No offense intended. Though personally, I was offended by the “conversation”.

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  1. i don’t suppose you’ve ever heard of
    joni eareckson tada?

    when i was still seeing the
    fundamentalist therapist
    (the one that’s
    still in my mother’s prayer circle)
    i asked her to consider — what if a quadriplegic woman could take hormones and have surgery
    and then do
    almost everything any other woman could do?

    would she say,
    “Oh, no, if God wanted you to be like other women,
    He would have healed you. Now you just accept God’s will for your life.”

  2. wait–
    what page are we on?

    We’re reading “Cancer Ward” this semester?
    I thought it was “Gulag Archipelago”…

    i’m concerned about you hating joe…
    more than anyone else,
    joe got you where you are,
    and he’s willing to give up his life for you…

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