Bedroom Activities

I don’t sleep in my bedroom …

My bedroom’s purpose is this … storage.

That’s it … that’s all.

It’s a place where I store my clothes … and do my ironing. 🙂 (Yeah, be real, of course I have a television in my bedroom … I’m single, and I have seven televisions my house … it’s not easy finding places to store them.)

Now I don’t have the best closet space in my house … and it was always a challenge when there were two living here … but when I was single again … I consolidated all of my clothes into the bedroom and … well, used the room as a place to change.

But we have to be realistic about things … two people live here again … Joe and Amy. And though Amy’s warddrobe needs some serious attention … she’s got stuff.

A lot of it is totally worthless to me, because it was accummulated when I had no clue of what I was doing … don’t forget, everything I know, whether it’s what kinda goes with what, what sorta looks better on me than not, and maybe what size I wear … I’ve learned on my own. And there was a fair amount of trial and error in figuring it out. Hell, working up the nerve to buy a female article of clothing in the first place was hard enough, there was no way I’d return it when finding it not the right size.

So … over the years … my bed became another storage locatioooon. A place to toss clothes … stuff awaiting ironing. And a place not to sleep.

Anyways … I’m changing that. And I started the process yesterday.

First … I have two closets which I am purging … setting things aside … both boy and girl into either KEEP, DONATE or TOSS piles.

Once that’s been completed, I’m going to wash the closet walls, tidy them up a bit and re-fill … Amy’s stuff in the bedroom … Joe’s stuff in the adjacent hall closet.

Then it’s the dresser drawers, same process … consolidate … 1 drawer for Joe, 2 for Amy … 1 for Joe, 2 for Amy …

During that process … I’m going to be yanking the furniture out of there and painting the room … obviously, my addiction to While You Were Out is starting to have an effect … and then it’s redecorating.

I went shopping last night for some new sheets and coverings … as I have been looking for the past few weeks. But haven’t found anything I like. Contrary to what appears to be most people’s expectation of me … and for some, a sign I’m really not a transsexual … I’m not all about being girly, girly. And my redone bedroom isn’t going to be either … no pinks and purples and flowers everywhere.

Sorry kids … just not me. Keep in mind … in light of the whole color blind issue I have … when I’m not able to pester Singer or Satan (yes the Satan) for color assistance … I always go with the colors I can tell … blue, lots of blue … grey, lots of grey … white, lots of white … yellow, lots of yellow. That’s pretty much it. Anyways, with this endeavor, I don’t want to have to deal with Satan wanting to know why I’m doing these changes … and there are just too many color decisions that’ll have to be made with which to pester Singer …. sooooo …

My bedroom is going to be blue and grey … something I can handle … and which I think will give a nice clean, serene, no fuss look. (Of course, I have to be somewhat cautious with the color integration because it could easily have too boy a look … which could maybe freak a guy out if I was able to coerce such for some one on one … but it’s not a major concern … because by the time I have the equipment for such, who knows if I’m still allowed to be here … and let’s be real, when there’s a prospect for getting laid, guys don’t notice what the room looks like … they just want to make sure they have their getaway plan in place.)

Now … I don’t care which of the two colors is the dominant color in my bed covering, but I want to find it first and then work the rest of the room’s colors off that.

In the mean time, I’m prepping the room to get it to that point … ’cause I want to have most of it done before ffs, at least to the point where I’m sleeping in the bed, so I have a nice comfy recovery place. 🙂

So that’s the bedroom action I had last night … exciting, huh? 😛

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  1. I can second the wedge pillow idea. Even now, over a month after my surgery, sleeping in a slightly elevated position really helps with the swelling around my jaw.

    My ($0.02)

  2. One suggestion: invest in a good trianglar pillow for your bed. Find a well made one that will allow you to sleep with your head and upper body elevated. When you’re recovering from FFS, you’ll not be likely to want to sleep fully reclined.

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