Shaft and I were throwing darts Friday night after work …

On the board at the office.

Something we do fairly frequently, though especially on Fridays … after hours … sort of a wind down for the week.

Though never mentioned, nor intended … it’s become sort of a tradition.

Shaft was the one who noted it …

Dude, it just hit me, as I was retrieving the darts, this might be my last weekend without a baby.

He’s right. Good chance it is.

And as I noted later …

To which he could only agree,

That was probably the last time we’ll ever throw “end of the week” darts.

Once his baby arrives, there will be no such luxury of goof-off time. At least for a few months.

And when goof-off time is available again, I won’t be.

Shaft’s observation concerned his new baby … 🙂

My observation concerned my new life. 🙂

We’re both looking forward to changes in our lives …

And simply to be

Living life.

That is good.

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  1. “We’re always happy.
    Life’s for livin’ yeah,
    that’s our philosophy.
    Sing along with us!
    Dee dee dee-dee dee
    Dah dah dah-dah dah
    Yeah we’re hap-happy
    Dah dah-dah
    Dee-dah-do dee-dah-do dah-do-dah
    Dah-dah-dah do-dah-dah
    Alright! ah…”

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