My Own Questions

Since this week’s Friday Five completely blow, I’ve decided to ask myself questions throughout the day.

Question Three – (11:45 am)

Yo yo Amy …

S’up? What’s the deal with you adding all those oooooos sometimes when you say/key a word that ends with an “ion”.


I hate it … totally. Unfortunately, it’s one of those slang voice-isms that has sorta ingrained itself amongst my circle of friends’ (Hottie, Singer, Sister, Shaft and myself) vocabulary. Singer started it … though she’s a huge Cher fan … she did it to sorta mock Cher and how she pronounces things …. I’m going on vacatioooon …. I got a great evaluatiooooon …. They are no competitiooooon … anyways … it has sort of rubbed off on all of us now and we do it way too frequently. It’s not isolated to our group, I’ve heard other people mutter it … and it’s outtadate regardless of who is saying it. There’s been a conscious group effort to reduce it somewhat, but it really bothers some people we know, so of course, we don’t want to eliminate it in its entirety.

Question Two – (9:45 am)

Most Beautiful Amy …

What’s the next reality television show that you are going to try to make?


Hmmm … good questioooon. As viewers of are well aware, I’ve been rejected by Survivor (I think last count was 4 times), The Mole (once), The Amazing Race (twice) and I never made the cut on Who Wants to be A Millionaire. There really aren’t many good reality shows left, in my opinion of course, and I think the originals are the still best … Survivor and The Amazing Race. I really liked The Mole, but I don’t think it’ll be on television again. And let’s be real … I’m not going to make it on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, so I’m probably outta luck in that venue until Bravo airs The TS Bachelorette (of which I wouldn’t be willing to participate anyways, but I would apply). Neither Survivor nor The Amazing Race are accepting applications right now. Though next time I apply to both it’ll be as Amy. My teammates for The Amazing Race are either Shaft, Singer, Sister or Hottie, whichever one of them cracks first from my begging and pestering them to apply with me.

And thank you for your kind salutation ! 🙂 hehe

Question One

Amy …

If I’m not mistaken, weren’t you supposed to have some FFS with Dr. Z in early August? Doesn’t sound like it happened. What’s the scoop?


Good question Amy. Thanks for asking bitch (said in a whispered voice) hehe 🙂 … Yes, you have the memory of a steel gnat chickie-poo. I did have a surgery date scheduled for August 8 (last Friday), that obviously came and passed. Why the skip ?? It was a combination of several events … family, work and me … my mom and dad weren’t up to speed enough and such a date represented more than a rash decision to them, so a delay made all feel better … then there was work, managing my own docket just made things difficult and I had some calendaring conflicts that were becoming challenging to resolve, bascially that was just an excuse, total rationalization and not even a good one at that … but mainly it was The Freak-Out, I freaked about not having everything in line that I wanted to have in line before getting whacked, running out of time to do it, what to do about the office while I’m gone, the overlap with Shaft’s new baby’s due date … I just freaked.

So I talked to Dr. Z and he suggested going back to my originally scheduled date in early September which I quickly embraced. I am going to Chicago to see him next week though to go over all my pre-admittance paperwork, waivers and such … confirm procedures and answer my questioooons one last time. So you’ll see full frontal facial pics of me in less than a month !! Yeah, I’m going to post befores and afters … since Dr. Z has no patients that have posted befores and afters to help the general masses evaluate his work … I’ve decided to be the butthead and toss out mine … that way we can collectively decide whether he’s a good option for some of us.

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