New Field Correspondent

To say I’m excited … is an understatement !! I couldn’t be happier to announce a new field correspondent here at … than none other … than my kid sister !!

Yuhp, uh huh … you read it right … my kid sister ! 😉

It’s not something we talk about … except in whispered tones at family gatherings …

But it seems that in the history of Kenobi … Old Ben liked the girls … he liked them a lot … and a lot of them … meaning … I’m not his only Jedi daughter … as he said before … there is another.

And her name is … Claire Elysse.

Of course, being my younger sister, that means …

She’s cuter than me …

More talented than me …

And she’s mom and dad’s favorite …

Which is so not fair,

But as far as bratty, younger sisters go … she rocks ! 🙂

Her site is really cool, has a great design, and her thoughts and opinions are … well … really thoughtful … a great blend of common sense, insight and reflection … so go there … now !

And remember to add it to your list of daily must visits !! 🙂

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  1. sorry…
    i’m just in a pine-green funk,
    convinced that everything i might say
    is stupid, abominably stupid…

    like this
    right here

  2. awwww! thanks for the mention and the overly-kind words sis! 🙂 ok, just for that, maybe i won’t tell mom and dad who you were out with at 3am last night, and i might even let you borrow some of my clothes for your date with stud-boy this weekend… 😛


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