Mr. Mullet Comes To Town

So I’m walking to my office from the parking structure yesterday … having worked my butt off the entire day and feeling totally exhausted …

And I’m sorta, kinda, maybe … yeah, right … totally … cutting through this constructioooon zone … ’cause it’s a shorter walk AND I’m checking out these two dudes working way up high on the side of this other parking structure they are building right next to my office building …

And I see Mr. Mullet looking down at me … and I’m not looking at them mean or anything, seriously, I don’t have a mean look in my repertoire … I was just checking out what they were doing …

When all of the sudden … as I’m just stepping out of Mr. Mullet’s view I hear …

Faaaaa … Get a haircut dude !

Which instinctively ’caused me to hesitate a brief millisecond … before I remembered … “Never argue with an idiot. They just bring you down to their level and they have a helluva lot more experience” – Dilbert … so I continued to my office …

And as I’m riding the elevator up to our floor I couldn’t get over the question …. Why in the hell would a sloppy dude with a mullet tell me to get a haircut? … I just couldn’t get it. I wondered if maybe he mistook me for a woman initially … but,

He couldn’t have … sure, my hair was becoming a bit ungelled … but it was relatively under control, I was wearing my Clark Kent disguise glasses, I was wearing a boy suit, a boy tie and carrying a boy attorney briefcase … I was in total boy-mode.

Though I just can’t get over the feeling, when he exclaimed …. “Faaaaa ….” that he thought he caught himself looking at a guy !! LOL

Poor boy … not only was he embarassed for checking me out … but he wouldn’t stand a chance in hell with me.

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  1. hmmm…
    mullet’s got hair enough, doesn’t he?
    yeah, i think he was seeing amy
    then realized it was joe,
    felt himself turning queer,
    and had to fight it…

    have i mentioned lately that among
    the nicer aspects of summer is this–
    i can wear the halters
    and the little short jeans,
    and the construction guys say things
    that are INTENDED to be flattering…

  2. that reminds me–
    i asked my brother if he missed me,
    and he said,
    “Once… it was a dark night,
    at extreme range,
    with a small calibre handgun.”

    maybe it’s NOT funny…

  3. Are you sure he wasn’t yelling at the other parolee…. er, construction guy? Say the word and I’ll reach out and touch him with my lil’ frien’. I can do 300 yards without even trying hard, 500 if I feel like it. Whoops, classified info. Please disregard.

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