Is Anyone Awake?

Ugh …

(Note to self: I say Ugh way too often … I need to track the frequency of usage and evaluate need for some possible behavior modification.)

Let’s see … it’s 4:15 AM … I’ve been awake since … 1:45 PM … there’s nothing on the tube right now … I watched South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut and two episodes of Sports Night … and 10 minutes of a Girls Gone Wild informercial … remembered I need to pick up two of their dvd’s … one for Shaft and one for Hottie … while at the same time I was thinking … wow … I hope I never drink that much when someone has a video camera around.

This insomnia sucks … I’ll fall asleep in about 30 minutes and get 1 hour of sleep before going to work … I operate on about 3 hours of sleep a night most nights … it’s been this way for a long time … odd.

So my mom, dad and I are at brunch Sunday morning (brother and his family couldn’t make it) … I was running a bit late and when I arrived mom and dad were already seated … having coffee … I noticed my mom had clipped a Cover Girl coupon from the Sunday paper inserts … and a few minutes later as I was flipping through I think the Target ‘vert, I noticed they had CoverGirl make-up on sale this week, so I mentioned it to my mom … said the sale price along with her coupon was a good deal … she said she had already noticed it, but then added with a whisper … “You know, their lipstick isn’t bad, for, well, you know …” and I laughed and said … “Thanks, I’m not a big fan of it, but I’ve got some, way too much actually, I buy and then don’t like.” and then I added … “While we’re talking about it, I didn’t want to freak you out yesterday, but when you were commenting about not liking your new sandals yesterday … check out Payless, I think they have a pair like you were wanting and they are fine, less expensive shoes for what you are looking.” … and then my dad was like “Ahhh, do I just need to leave?” ROFLMAO … So I patted his arm and said “That’s okay dad, it’ll be okay, let’s talk golf now !!” LOL

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  1. i’m sorry, i can’t find the comments box
    at amynews, i’ll just have to leave it here–
    my mother had moments last year
    when she TRIED to treat me like a daughter,
    but she just couldn’t…
    i think she’s afraid my brother
    will disown her if she accepts me…

  2. uhh…
    yes, emily knew–
    she called the shooter,
    to alert that unidentified individual
    that the target would be in view…

    but it wasn’t murder,
    it was only metaphor…

    did you ever see the new yorker cartoon?
    a guy is in the ER with a knife in his back
    and the doctor is saying,
    “Good news! It’s only a figure of speech!”

  3. Bag over her head only ’cause she was trying to finish off the rest of the chips.

    I re-read … I still think Shawna was the shooter … though I’m thinking Emily might have known what was going to happen, but that doesn’t mean she was involved … she knows most timelines. 🙂

  4. Really ?? It was Emily ?? Gawd, I swear … I so totally need things explained to me … I thought it was Shawna with her sniper rifle hiding it the hills that shot her.

  5. Bitch, you killed Stacy! (ala south park)

    with MY rifle!


    “once again, it was the lawyer that was guilty of the crime.”

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