Friday Five for July 18, 2003

Whoa whoa … what a set of questions for this week !! Enjoy. 🙂

1. When was the last time you cheated?

Hmmm … that’s a tough questioooon … as there are a few different interpretations … depending on the meaning of cheated … so let us start first with some definitions …

Pronunciation: ‘chEt
Date: 1590

transitive senses
1 : to deprive of something valuable by the use of deceit or fraud

I have no idea, I’m not sure if I ever have, as I don’t intentionally deceive or engage in fraudulent behavior, though I have been known to allow someone to remain mistaken. Anyways … I’m going to take a zero on this one … I just have no idea.

2 : to influence or lead by deceit, trick, or artifice

Hehe … trick or artifice … those be the key words here … if you consider the Jedi mind trick cheating … then there’s a fair chance I’ll have cheated again by the time you’ve finished reading this post … though the last time this week that I used it was Wednesday night at Circuit City to encourage moving up the priority of my work order for removing the satellite radio from my car.

3 : to elude or thwart by or as if by outwitting, i.e. cheat death

Hey .. Koolaid … Oh yeah !!! …. With such meaning … every, single minute of the day.

intransitive senses
1 a : to practice fraud or trickery

Again, trickery … see answer to 2.) above.

b : to violate rules dishonestly (as at cards or on an examination)

I don’t break the rules. I just know them intimately, along with their exceptions, and things not covered.

2 : to be sexually unfaithful — usually used with on

Hmmmm … I’ve never been “sexually” unfaithful … as that just has not been within my ability, dig?

2. When was the last time you stole?

Well … if you count mp3’s … contemporaneous with this post. If not, I don’t steal … I don’t steal satellite service, I have never shoplifted, I return excess change given to me, and except for incorrect orders given to me at the drive-thru, I don’t keep things erroneously placed in my possession. Boring, I know.

3. When was the last time you lied?

I don’t lie. I’m not good at it. I know that you’d think as an attorney, I’d be damn good at it … but that’s what makes me a good attorney … I’m not ! 🙂

When I lie … I have tells … and they are pretty obvious … I can’t look you in the eye and lie … that’s probably the most obvious … I can’t remember what it was, but Shaft called me on it the other day … I just can’t lie convincingly, but then would have been a good time !! 🙂 Not to mention, it’s just way too difficult to lie and keep track of it. Truth and dealing with someone’s anger is much easier than lying and the associated worry of getting caught.

Nonetheless … I’m really good at evasive answers, non-answers, particular phrasing of statements and selective omission of information and disclosures … which in a lot of ways accomplishes the same objectives as lying. And if you consider that lying … hell, I did that yesterday morning in court. (FYI – Shaft knows all of my tells in that respect too !!)

4. When was the last time you broke or vandalized another’s property?

I toilet papered a house back in 1988, but that was the last time I came remotely close to vandalism or property destruction. Again … I’m totally boring, and pretty much a follow the rules kinda chick.

5. When was the last time you hurt a loved one?

Have you been reading anything here ?? Pretty much any time I mention my transsexualism and doing something about it to my mom. Indirectly … probably even time my mom thinks about it since Disclosure. Directly … probably last Monday when I forget mom and dad’s anniversary.

Excluding my parents with my transsexualism issues, then it’d have to be something I did to hurt Singer’s feelings … she’s probably my only friend who has feelings and maybe at some point I did some inadvertant bad act, behavior or words of mine that might have hurt her feelings.

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