It’s No Big Deal

So …. I had to go to my primary care physician this afternoon …. I’ve got my MRI at 3:45 AM tomorrow …. ugh …. and just wanted to go over a few things with him ….

“Few things” meaning bringing him up to speed on all my TS issues …. diagnosis, hormones …. you know, the basics …. 🙂

He knew as of about 4 years ago I was having “sexual” issues of some type …. but I really haven’t seen him since then, and have never told him I was on hormones or diagnosed TS …. oh well …. it’s time.

He’s about my age …. I picked him from a book and hit it off with him when he was first starting out …. he is now my mom and dad’s doctor too …. he’s really great …. anyways ….

I kept him outta the loop on my stuff because ….. though it’s not the best of things …. they have historically messed up my dad’s and my files a great deal …. and I didn’t want to take a chance on some inadvertent disclosures …. not to mention the whole confidentiality thing …. hospital people talk …. though I trust him …. I can’t say the same about his staff …..

Anyways …. he comes in to see me …. and within seconds it’s like I saw him a couple of weeks ago …. so cool ….. we talk about Dad and his issues some …. as much as he can say anyways ….. and then I say ….

“Well, I wanted to bring you up to speed about things with me.” ….. he laughed and said he had already talked with his colleague I met with last week, so he knows I’m on hormones ….

We then had a great conversation …. 🙂

Apparently he has several transsexual clients ….. though he said I’m the first that is pre-transition …. WOW !!

I said with doubt, “Several?”

And he replied with a smirk “It is not common, common …. but it’s not rare either …. in fact, I think I have more transsexuals in my patient base than attorneys, but wouldn’t that be everyone’s preference, who wants attorneys? 🙂 ” lol …..

“Yeah, yeah, yeah ….. so you don’t mind continuing as my doctor?”

“Of course not, it’s no big deal. In fact, I appreciate how you’ve described some things today, as much as I’d hate it, you might become a resource for me.”

“I’d be glad to, it’ll just take three weeks before I return your call and when I do, I’ll make you wait another 45 minutes before talking to you ….. maybe I’ll have someone read to you year old magazine articles while you wait.”

“Are you saying the magazines in here are only a year old?”


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