Is Everyone Going to Friday’s?

Ahhh ….. so nice, so kewl, so fun ….. it’s sweet when you sort of click with someone and are pretty much at ease around them from the moment you first meet ….. today I got to have lunch with two such people …..

I met Melissa when I went to one of my first TS support group meetings a few years ago …. I was totally nervous, knew no one and I was there in boy mode …. when I saw Melissa I just assumed she was the spouse/so of one of the girls there and really didn’t pay much attention to her …. figured she was just being supportive and didn’t really want to make eye contact with a gg …. but a bit into the meeting I realized ….

Holy Krap …. I think she’s TS, but I’m really not sure ….. she’s making reference to being TS, but she sure as hell doesn’t look anything boy, and sure doesn’t sound anything boy …. and heck, she actually just seems …… average …. normal ….. got some challenges, but …. heck, just deals with them …… so cool. Anyways, we chatted afterwards and e-mailed some and then a few weeks/maybe months later her and her wife (she was married before she went fulltime and her and her wife have remained married) invited me over to their place to chat and get some pizza …. not only is Melissa rocking cool, but her wife Amy is too …. besides have a kickass name …. she’s incredibly nice and fun ….. the two of them are just great.

So, I was in their neck of the woods today and though we hadn’t seen each other in I’m guessing almost two years?? …. we were able to pull off meeting for lunch.

Time went so fast, it was great seeing both of them, talking, listening to what they had to say, smiling, and smirking about common observations ….. not to mention, they both said I looked like I was in my early 30’s !!

It’s soooo much fun when you get to spend some time with cool people ….. I hope we can get together again soon.

And because of an oddly coincidental choice of dining venues, I can totally insert a quote from Caitlin in one of her posts today ….

We truly do need to find a better place to eat than TGIFriday’s tho’ 😉

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  1. i used to get this remark on my papers in college,
    and i love getting the chance to use it now:
    excellent choice and use of quoted material.
    and i’ll whine some–
    i am always SO jealous
    when i read/hear about TSs with supportive spouses

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