Ahhhh … That’s a Wall !!

Okay ….. first of all ….. let the record reflect I’m a major Barry Manilow fan …. but I’m totally stunned this is the first time he’s suffered this injury !!!! LOL (Yeah, WE, I know I’m laughing at someone else’s pain, but come on ….. it’s funny !!)

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  1. yes,
    and your name was originally
    but looking glass released a song by that title,
    and he didn’t want to confuse anybody,
    so he changed it to Mandy…

  2. SOMEWHERE IN THE NIGHT he ran into a wall and EVEN NOW he is TRYIN’ TO GET THE FEELING AGAIN. “IT’S A MIRACLE”, Manilow said,”that this has never happened before.” COULD IT BE MAGIC?

    Amy, THIS ONES FOR YOU…thanks for a wonderful site. I’ve been lurking….errrr….reading along for a couple of months and have wanted to thank you for some time. What better chance than in Manilow thread! (OK, so I’m a little twisted);)

    Anyhow, i’m pre-everything…trying to s l o w l y figure this stuff out…found this site thru caitlen/sianna/gp gang…. and that’s more than enough about me!


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